Friday, March 25, 2011

what it means to be a fan...

Dearest college sports fans,
GO CATS! Oh, sorry, you're not a Kentucky fan? What are you doing here?
Just kidding. This blog is all about equality. GO mascotthatisinferiortoawildcat!
I hope you're all enjoying March Madness. It's a doozy this year.
But that's not what I'm here to talk about.
I'm here to ask you a question.
I want to know how you feel about a certain type of "fan".
You know who I'm talkin 'bout. 
The "I grew up my whole life as a fan of Georgia/Syracuse/OSU/North Carolina, etc. but I CHOSE to go to college at Kentucky/Texas/South Carolina, etc. and yet I'm NOT a fan of my own school but rather the university that I, in fact, did not CHOOSE to attend."
Okay, so I'm biased. I hate this person.
I've come across one too many of them over the past 5 years and it's not a pretty sight.
But I'd love to know what other people think. Is this acceptable? Do you respect this person's fanhood?
Please, enlighten me if you do.
Otherwise, let's proceed.
Why do you do this to me?
How do you decide to attend a university and then refuse it's traditions?
Do you really think that other school wants you as a fan?
Uh, the answer is no, btw.
Listen, as I grew up in Ohio I was groomed to be an OSU fan.
My parents are obsessed.
My brother is obsessed.
My sister graduated from there.
I refused to sit on my Aunt's Michigan blanket when I was 3 because I thought my Dad would find out and get mad at me.
So I get it.
But, then I moved to Kentucky.
And I turned 18.
And I got some sense.
And I CHOSE UK as the university for me.
And I never looked back. I love my alma mater. That's why I chose it. It's been incredible cheering for UK over the last 5 years. I wouldn't trade it for a second. 
And I still like OSU. I respect and support them completely.
But tomorrow...
tomorrow at 9:45...
when my boys in blue...
meet their boys in scarlet and grey...
in the sweet sweet sweet 16...
I will abandon all thoughts of childhood cheers of O-H! I-O!
And I will paste that UK tattoo on my cheek.
And I will 3-goggle the shit out of every 3-pointer we make.
And I will sing On, On, U of K.
And I will "get weird with J"
And I will lose my mind cheering on those Wildcats.
And for 40 minutes.
I will hate Ohio State.
'Cause sports fans, that is  what you do for your alma mater.
That is the heart of college sports.
And if I see one single Kentucky student/alum that I know cheering for Ohio State because they're from Cincinnati or Cleveland or Toledo or...freakin' Wapakoneta...
you can bet your two-timing butt I will chant C-A-T-S so loud my little blue heart bursts out of my chest.

guess I didn't leave much room for other opinions.


Go Cats.
Beat the Buckeyes.


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