Monday, November 7, 2011

seems right.

I'm watching that movie Julie and Julia on tv right now.
And it made me remember my good ol' blog.
I had completely forgotten about this!
It's only been a few months.
But I forgot it existed.
I suppose between my job taking me all over the place, the ending of my relationship, and the general busy-ness of life...this blog sorta took the backseat.
Life is bizarre right now.
Don't worry, you're not getting a big emo blog post.
But can I just say...people are crazy and life is crazy.

Now, onto other things.
Theres about 50 or so days left until Christmas.
And that means CRAFT NATION is back.
Think ornaments, pillow covers, wreaths, trees, lights, candles, sparkle, etc. 
This is my favorite time of year.
And everyone says that.
But I'm serious.
I watch every single Christmas movie ever made between now and December 25th.
I mean, I've already watched Christmas With The Kranks on tv twice so far...and it's not even that good.
If Christmas was a person, I'd marry him.
If Christmas was a food, I'd get fat on it.
If Christmas was a scent, I would wear it every day.
I just love it for so many reasons.
Of course to celebrate the birth of Christ.
And the amazing life I've been blessed to live because of that.
Also because it brings my family to me.
It makes people nicer.
It's cozy.
It's warm.
It's glittery.
It's festive and busy.
It's fabulous.
And I do not care ONE BIT if we start celebrating it now before Thanksgiving.
Our world is hard.
And people just want something good and wholesome in their lives.
If the Christmas season can come a bit early and provide that, then bring it on...
now...before Thanksgiving...2 months away... I'm in.
So I'll try to post some fun things I'm crafting for the holidays here and there!
And maybe I'll post if something funny/fabulous happens in Chicago this weekend.

But between Facebook and Twitter...I just can't get motivated to blog all the time too.
That's just too much internet life for me right now.