Monday, February 18, 2013

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The first Noel.......has a torn A C L

Dear Nerlens,
Were heartbroken for ya, kid.
Hang in there and get better soon.
All our love, 

Fits on fits on fits

Within the last 24 hours I found out that not 1...not 2...not 3...not 4...but 5 of my college friends will be in town either this weekend or next. I am beside myself with happiness. But happiness isnt funny or interesting or stalk-worthy. So lets talk outfits. My birthday is also on Monday so I'll be doing some celebrating pretending to be 21 throughout these weekends too. And obviously its important to look pretty while spilling vodka sodas on yourself and standing in a dark bar and crying because you actually have friends again. Duh.

So here's what I got:

Thoughts? Should I make any switches? Which peplum look is the best? Please be my mirrors bloggers!

Were hoping to go to the UK/Mizzou game on the 23rd so I have to wear blue.

Blue blazer Forever 21 - similar here // Grey jersey t-shirt H&M - similar here
Black textured leggings - Forever 21 (nothing similar available) // Black fringe booties Target
Rope necklace - Talbots Outlet (nothing similar available) // Watch Marc Jacobs - similar here 
Link bracelet Derng // Black studded bracelet Forever 21

Now which of these peplum looks should I do this weekend? Are the white and black stripes too springtime?

Black skirt Forever 21 - similar here // Black & White peplum top Target // Leopard print shoes Target
Watch Marc Jacobs - similar here // Link bracelet Derng // Black studded bracelet Forever 21

Purple jeans Target - similar here // Black peplum top Target // Leopard print shoes Target
Watch Marc Jacobs - similar here // Link bracelet Derng // Black studded bracelet Forever 21

Saturday, February 9, 2013

2 for 1

If you dont know what my title refers to...we may not speak the same language. Thursdays in my town means 2for1 margs at allllll my favorite Mexican restaurants! Chris and I had a hot date consisting of splitting a burrito, eating way too many chips with queso, having a watch sized, and running around the mall. We are wild, I know. Anyway, this outfit allowed me to stuff myself that's a win.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Girl You Look So Fly

I don't know what it is but airplanes always always make me feel like a bag of poo.
Yes I just said bag of poo on my blog. So what?
All those strangers huddled together breathing recycled air and leaving their grubby hand prints on everything...ick.
Yet despite these horrid conditions, I still think it's necessary to look and feel my best.
As if looking stylish might scare away the germs.
Recently I spent a hefty 4 hours flyin out to Utah for one last work trip.
It was freezing in Kentucky and freezing in Utah so I didn't need to worry about changing weather.
Which is good because I kinda despise layering.
But I was determined to look fly while flyin (that was bad, I know).

My top priorities: 
1. comfort/nap-capable
2. easy-on-easy-off shoes
3. on trend (I mean I was traveling out there during Sundance...what if I ran into Bradley Cooper or Leighton Meester and missed my chance at becoming their new wife or best friend because I looked shabby?!)
4. ready to wear to dinner (just in case my coworkers decided to be really considerate and ask me to come straight to a restaurant from the plane)

So here's what I came up with. Yes the accessories were a hassle taking off when going through security but I needed my arm candy.

What do yall wear when traveling? What is your go-to comfort/chic outfit?