Saturday, May 28, 2011

we interrupt this program...

To confess that I suck at blogging.
Sorry ladiez & gents.
I'm totally kidding about the gents part.
Boys don't read blogs.
But I felt the need to apologize for my absence.
I know I suck.
I'm working on not sucking.
I'll be back soon.
Love you.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

weird wednesday is back with a vengeance

It's back.
With a whole new crop of weird.
At some point surely I'll get called out for making fun of these facebook "friends" since my blurring isn't exactly what you'd call fool proof buuuut until that day, enjoy the weirdness.
Afterall, I'm just sharing what they already professed to the world.

Not blatantly offensive or annoying.
It's just, since when did it become necessary to announce every thing you put in your mouth?
3 million other people had a pastry or some sort of sugary treat and coffee for breakfast.
So why should we care that you did too?
Stupid overshare.

Ditto homie.
Lets all buy our shit right here in the US of A.

Poor Ohio.

Screw you.
Birds suck.
Don't save them.

My alma mater is lame-o.

You are confused. 
It will not fall in your lap.
But I'm glad you think so.
 Less competition in the world.

And that, my friends is Weird Wednesday.
I'm back on the schedule.

Monday, May 16, 2011

spring break 2011

When you're feeling like a little a pick-me-up.
And the nearest beach is no where in sight.
And you're in need of some fun.
Just head on down to Richmond, KY.
Or as I like to call it...Rich City.
Full of all the finest things life has to offer.
Bras hang from the ceiling of the local tavern...
left behind by the ladies who spun the famous wheel of shots a few too many times.
The tunnel will lead you around the bend.
To a bar where you can dance on an empty dance floor.
And harken back to the days of Britney Spears famous chair routines.
And how can we forget all the bombs!
Green, blue, red.
Watch as your wildest dreams come alive.
In Rich City you can find it all.
So, the 2502 girls strolled on down for a little weekend getaway.
Spring Break 2011...if you will.
And we WILL return soon.
Thank you Richmond, KY for 14 hours I'll never forget!