Thursday, March 31, 2011


What better place to brainstorm than on my blog?
It is mine afterall.
And most of the time I'm rambling anyway.
So, there have been a lot of clever signs showing up around town now that UK is going to the Final Four in Houston this weekend.
And, I can't be left out of the trend.
I would like to represent here in my 'hood.
And make a sign for our porch and/or garage door!


This came to me whilst cruisin' to Tin Roof last night with J and L.

and '96...
and '78...
and '58...
and '51...
and '49...
and '48...

Ta Da!
I'm about to go to Walmart for sheets and paint.
I'll post a pic when it's done now that it's done.
We ended up hanging it on our balcony and it looked great!
We're saving it for next year for suuuuure.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

it's good to be a wildcat

Go Cats.
They did it.
They knocked off the overall #1 seeded Ohio State Buckeyes.
They turned Friday, March 25th 2011 into one of the best days of my life.

We are going to THE FINAL FOUR.
For the first time in over a decade.
Yes, this team is...
And they're trying to go all the way!!!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

what it means to be a fan...

Dearest college sports fans,
GO CATS! Oh, sorry, you're not a Kentucky fan? What are you doing here?
Just kidding. This blog is all about equality. GO mascotthatisinferiortoawildcat!
I hope you're all enjoying March Madness. It's a doozy this year.
But that's not what I'm here to talk about.
I'm here to ask you a question.
I want to know how you feel about a certain type of "fan".
You know who I'm talkin 'bout. 
The "I grew up my whole life as a fan of Georgia/Syracuse/OSU/North Carolina, etc. but I CHOSE to go to college at Kentucky/Texas/South Carolina, etc. and yet I'm NOT a fan of my own school but rather the university that I, in fact, did not CHOOSE to attend."
Okay, so I'm biased. I hate this person.
I've come across one too many of them over the past 5 years and it's not a pretty sight.
But I'd love to know what other people think. Is this acceptable? Do you respect this person's fanhood?
Please, enlighten me if you do.
Otherwise, let's proceed.
Why do you do this to me?
How do you decide to attend a university and then refuse it's traditions?
Do you really think that other school wants you as a fan?
Uh, the answer is no, btw.
Listen, as I grew up in Ohio I was groomed to be an OSU fan.
My parents are obsessed.
My brother is obsessed.
My sister graduated from there.
I refused to sit on my Aunt's Michigan blanket when I was 3 because I thought my Dad would find out and get mad at me.
So I get it.
But, then I moved to Kentucky.
And I turned 18.
And I got some sense.
And I CHOSE UK as the university for me.
And I never looked back. I love my alma mater. That's why I chose it. It's been incredible cheering for UK over the last 5 years. I wouldn't trade it for a second. 
And I still like OSU. I respect and support them completely.
But tomorrow...
tomorrow at 9:45...
when my boys in blue...
meet their boys in scarlet and grey...
in the sweet sweet sweet 16...
I will abandon all thoughts of childhood cheers of O-H! I-O!
And I will paste that UK tattoo on my cheek.
And I will 3-goggle the shit out of every 3-pointer we make.
And I will sing On, On, U of K.
And I will "get weird with J"
And I will lose my mind cheering on those Wildcats.
And for 40 minutes.
I will hate Ohio State.
'Cause sports fans, that is  what you do for your alma mater.
That is the heart of college sports.
And if I see one single Kentucky student/alum that I know cheering for Ohio State because they're from Cincinnati or Cleveland or Toledo or...freakin' Wapakoneta...
you can bet your two-timing butt I will chant C-A-T-S so loud my little blue heart bursts out of my chest.

guess I didn't leave much room for other opinions.


Go Cats.
Beat the Buckeyes.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

product heaven

Hello from Brussels!
Not really.
But wouldn't that be super cool and spontaneous of me if I up and ran off to Belgium?
That ^^^ is Brussels regional flag, btw. 
Props Brussels for the coolest flag ever.
Okay back to me writing a blog entry (I DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED UP THERE)
Today I'm going to share my favorite prodcuts.
After following in the footsteps of my mother and sister and then working in a salon in college I have become a self-declared expert on the world of products. Well, I think so anyway.
And, since you guys are just dying to know what I think (right? right?) I made a list.

1.  Loreal EverPure Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner.
It is the best best BEST drug store brand shampoo and conditioner for colored and/or dry hair.
I have used Pureology, Matrix, Loreal Professionals, Hempz, Redken, etc. etc. Those are all great lines and I would recommend all of them BUT Loreal Everpure is 2 to 3 times cheaper and the quality is the same. It's sulfate-free so it's gentle on colored hair and it preserves just the right amount of moisture to ensure healthy-looking, shiny locks.
I'm telling ya.
It's the

2. Clinique 3-Step Skin Care
Again...I have tried Proactiv, Aveeno, Arbonne, Neutrogena, pHisoderm, etc. and Clinique is the one line that does it for me during every season of the year and under any hormonal, environmental, stressful circumstance. It works so well with my combination skin and has never irritated, over-dryed, or over-moisturized any part of my face. The facewash is perfection. Gentle and balanced. The clarifying lotion is great for making sure I even out my skin-tone and get any trails of makeup or dirt off the edges and crevices of my face. The lotion is like a drink of water for the skin. So lovely. I will use it forevaaaa.

3. St. Ives Mineral Therapy Moisturizing Body Wash
Okay, this is new to my routine but I know I will buy it again. I like creamy body washes better than gels because I personally think they are more moisturizing and kind to the bod and this one definitely fits the bill! I've used St. Ives body washes before and all of the scents are yummy and the consistency is great but Mineral Therapy takes the cake. It is that perfect combination of fresh, clean, and sweet so I leave the shower feelin' snazzy.

4.   Bare Escentuals Buxom Lash Mascara
So, once upon a time Sephora had this set of a dozen or so mini mascaras for really cheap...less than $30. It was the perfect way to try all of their top mascaras and decide which one I liked the best. Good job, Sephora. I knew you had my back.  I used to be completely dedicated to DiorShow but I swear they changed cheapened their formula somehow because it started drying out really really fast. Regardless, BUXOM saved the day! I'm a huge mascara connoisseur. Like, if I were stranded on a desert island what 5 things would I want with me? 1 of them would be mascara.
Another would be Chase Crawford, btw.
And the Harry Potter series.
And a pocket knife...
I digress...
Buxom Lash. Love the wand. Love how it doesn't dry out. Love how long it lasts. Love how thick it makes my lashes without that "Louisville Spider" look. Seriously. All the girls from Louisville love this look...

5. Mac Lustreglass Lip Gloss in Flashmode
I actually lost this one out of a clutch at some point (high heels, drinks in hand, crowded bars - damn you!) And, right now I have a lot of great lip glosses so I'm going to patiently wait to re-buy this little baby until I "need" it. BUT, it is absolutely my favorite. It is a fabulous bright pink/raspberry color that is flattering on all skin-tones. It lasts for a long time because a little bit goes a long way. It's the perfect choice for layering glosses, balms, or lipsticks. It's also pretty affordable at $14.50.
1 warning: It is quite a sticky bugger so be might not be the best choice for a date night with the boyfriend...unless, of course your man doesn't mind receiving a bit of your pretty pout...

6. Stila Eyeshadow in "Oasis"
Thanks to my sista sista, I have found the most wonderful eyeshadow ever made.
It's not gold. It's not champagne. It's not yellow. It's just this incredible dose of...sunshine on your eyelids. I wear it every single day. I layer it with other colors. I wear it by itself. I can even use it as a highlighter. It is beautiful and fresh and brightens the eye. Obsessed for sure. Stila is quite possibly my favorite makeup line. I've never met a Stila product I didn't like.

7. Cargo Bronzer
Not everyone is a bronzer fanatic, rightfully so.
 So, this product only applies to those of us that love products that help us with our year-round glow.
I've got an olive-y complexion so I can get away with workin' my tan-ness.
Anyway, this bronzer isn't sparkley or orange-y or glittery so I like it.
It's also not completely matte. So I like that, too.
It gives a little shimmer and sun-kissed touch to my cheeks
and...I dig it.

8. Dry Shampoo
I just bought this dry shampoo so that is why it is pictured above. However, I'm not necessarily going to sing the praises of any one brand of this stuff. Dry shampoo, in general, is awesome.
Go git u sum.

9. Meyer's Hand Soap
Well, this isn't exactly in the same product category but it is a winner.
My roomie, Samantha, brought this baby to my attention.
It cleans your it's successful.
It feels good on the fingers.
It smells FANTASTIC.
Enough said.
It gets all the checks on my list.

10. Wine
What? This isn't a product? 
Well, it's gonna make every single one of my lists.
For when your products aren't gettin' it done.
And your mirror is being a bi-otch.
And your hormones are taking you on a trip to ugly-ville.
A woman's best friend.
And an ego boost.
All day.
Every day.

Friday, March 18, 2011

lets be friends

Welcome aboard. It's Friday!
Woo. Hoo.
And here are some things I liked about my week...since you asked.
1) It was 70 degrees...twice.
2) I made some money. Kowabunga.
3) The CATS won. Barely. But they did.
4) I painted my nails in 1 try.
5) I'm not sick.
6) I have a second interview. It's down to me and 1 other person. Scury.
7) Tennessee and Louisville lost.
8) I got a $25 mani/pedi from Groupon.
9) I found about a gillion blogs I'm obsessed with.
10) Olivia Munn stood in for Kathy Lee on The Today Show and I almost peed my pants while watching. And yes, that's a good thing. I wish she was my friend. She was the drunkest and funniest thing I've ever seen on morning tv. 2 words. OB-SESSED.

Oh, by the way. My preschool was literally named "Lets Be Friends". Try to tell me I didn't grow up in the most happy-go-lucky American town of all time.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

is it horrible or is it fantastic?

I'm watching Kaitlin Olson, the actress that plays Dee on Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, 
on Conan right now. 
Which, if you haven't watched It's Always Sunny yet, get your weird on and take a peek.
This is the best advice you've gotten from me to date, btw.
Anywho, she is responsible for my post title...
Onto weird Wednesday sightings on el booko de faces-o.
Here goes it!

It probably doesn't need to be said buuuuut this guy is a "DJ" in Cincinnati. His statuses (stati?) are always trying to rally people to come watch him "perform" at some horribly named club like "The Black Vixen Lounge" or "Club Lick" or something ridiculous. Apparently in his line of work, ear bleeding is a sign of success. I half wanted to go when he said he had the power to make my calories disintegrate...but I'd rather listen to Jillian Michaels bitch at me for an hour than be subjected to your expertise on "house music". Regardless, everyone in NKY and specifically my high school thinks they're a DJ. Such lies. So sad.

Shewww doggie, we're getting a fine sampling of my high school peers tonight! This girl went to my high school...apparently. I don't remember. But, I barely remember myself in high school so that's not saying much. My favorite part of this is a) I have NO idea what it means and b) facebook puts favorite quotes under "philosophy." C'mon Zuckerberg...

Ahhh, sorority sisters embarassing each other online. Gotta love it. This is actually funny though. I totally would have done this to Julie back in '08. Oh wait, who am I kidding? If any of my friends said stuff this dumb and I had a smartphone to immediately document it...I would do it today.

Gay man status. Love it. Love the comments. Love the assumed inuendo. Oh the hilarity. The end.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Hopefully a green beer is in my our future. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

roses are red, violets are blue, kentucky is #WINNING, and florida's a 2???

Happy 2:27 a.m. to you. This is my prime time for blogging.
So I want to tell you about my weekend, 'cause I feel like I earned some street cred these past few days, especially with the BBN (big blue nation). But, J already did that. Please refer here. Pop on over and read it. It's a very appropriate and, might I add, extremely witty play-by-play of our days in Catlanta.

Oh, welcome back. Now that you know what I've been up to lets talk about some things.
I need your help.
My hair is a disaster as a result of no longer working at a salon longer working at all. 
Anyone have thoughts or advice on coloring your hair at home? I've never colored my hair myself but it's a pretty classic rich chocolatey brunette color can't be that hard, right? 
Also, since I haven't had a hair cut since early December my bangs are participating in a disappearing act into the rest of my hair. But, maybe it's meant to be? I'm thinking of growing out my bangs and embracing the middle part...or as my friends and I affectionately call it, "the butt part". Thoughts/advice there kiddos?
It's time for a change. Whaddya think?
Mine would kinda look like this...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

look of the week

Since I've been barricading myself in my room trying to get rid of this cold and now strep throat (yeah, apparently my immune system decided to let strep walk right on in to make things interesting) I haven't worn an actual outfit I think? And I haven't seen very many people or even my roommates enough to appreciate anything cute they're wearing. REGARDLESS, I have been reading lots and lots and lots (get it?) of fashion blogs so I did stumble upon a really chic/casual/realistic outfit on Gypsy-Diaries and I thought I would share. This girl definitely has a better sense of style and a more mature and educated view on fashion than little ol' me but I saw this 70's inspired outfit and thought, "I could do that!" which is always a nice surprise and departure from the usual "holy cow where did that girl find black leather leggings with diamond cutouts, 8 inch peep toe studded wedge booties, a sheer oversized magenta pink button up, lace bra top that somehow doesn't scream 'street corner', and a perfectly tailored yet fashion-forward leather handbag with tassles and the right amount of buckles, annnnd the most amazing shade of lipstick of all time?" Anyway, I'm really loving this whole 70's comeback that's going on in spring/summer fashion right now. I can not express my obsession with and appreciation for the wide-leg, high waisted jean that is making it's appearance on all the racks. THANK YOU to the fashion gods from a girl who needs all the help she can get making her legs look long and lean :) I also really dig the floppy hat, bohemian inspired belt, and I imagine some wooden clogs or wedges under those hems. Love love love. Hope you enjoy! Thats my look of the week!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

the book of faces

In this week's edition of "Moronic &/or Humorous Moments on Facebook" I have several moments to share with you. Aren't you glad I have 813 friends providing daily hits of insanity for me to share? Let's begin.

This first tidbit is actually funny. It's also a youtube video. I included it because someone linked it on facebook for the world to see. My personal thoughts? The fact that this guy gained popularity by lip syncing (without knowing the words) on youtube to every pop song under the sun and was able to get famous enough to have 50 cent come to his house is just crazy insane mindblowing so 2011. What do I have to do to get 50 cent to come hang out with me? But seriously.

The next dumb stop on our social media train is....

At first I wanted to comment on this guy's status but someone beat me to the punch. Don't get all high and mighty thinking people care enough to want to kill you, sir. This one actually made me laugh. Touche facebook friends, touche.

Now, this:

First of all, who is chalie sheen? Second of all, if you're referring to the warlock beating, porn star pegging, "winner" that is the Charlie Sheen...I really hope for your sake that you don't drink like he does. 'Cause after all, you'd have to have tiger blood and be taking drugs Charlie Sheens that would make you explode.

And finally...sometimes facebook just provides doses of truth...

Monday, March 7, 2011

childhood education.

Strawberries say yes too.
It's only Sunday for a few more minutes but I still think this counts as being "on time". Yes, I accept your virtual high-five. What did I learn this week eh? Well, it's a bit of an on-going process but I think it's definitely worth mentioning. I learned this week to be more of a yes person. No no, I didn't go to any life-coaching conferences or suddenly start practiciting affirmations in the mirror. But, I did say yes to every single babysitting opportunity this week...despite desperately wanting to cancel every time due to my outrageous cold and overall lack of excitement for playing with kids. I know that doesn't sound like much. I'm not saying anyone else should be remotely proud of me, but I'm proud of me. Becauseeeee it turned out to be great for my mental state and my wallet. It kept me busy and made me feel productive. And hanging out with kids isn't all that bad afterall. Anyway, the point is that I'm going to try to say yes and take opportunities more often. It can't hurt. And even if it does, I've learned to be pretty damn resilient these days so I think I can take anything the world has to throw at me.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

look of the week

So far, my weekly entries have been slightly more facetious than I planned. Which, is really no big surprise knowing me. But really, after this week I fully plan on sharing semi-serious "look of the week" and "what I  learned this week" entries. But for now, this will have to suffice. We had a jorts party in honor of Josh Harrellson's last home game at Rupp last night. We beat Vandy, wha wha! And we dressed...of jorts. I can't help myself. This is definitely going to be my favorite look of this week.

p.s. Weirdo Wednesday Facebook moments will probably happen on Thursday or Friday. Don't give me that look. I've been babysitting constantly and I still have that bitch of a cold to deal with so blogging has gotten taken out of the routine. I'm trying my bestttt...