Wednesday, March 9, 2011

the book of faces

In this week's edition of "Moronic &/or Humorous Moments on Facebook" I have several moments to share with you. Aren't you glad I have 813 friends providing daily hits of insanity for me to share? Let's begin.

This first tidbit is actually funny. It's also a youtube video. I included it because someone linked it on facebook for the world to see. My personal thoughts? The fact that this guy gained popularity by lip syncing (without knowing the words) on youtube to every pop song under the sun and was able to get famous enough to have 50 cent come to his house is just crazy insane mindblowing so 2011. What do I have to do to get 50 cent to come hang out with me? But seriously.

The next dumb stop on our social media train is....

At first I wanted to comment on this guy's status but someone beat me to the punch. Don't get all high and mighty thinking people care enough to want to kill you, sir. This one actually made me laugh. Touche facebook friends, touche.

Now, this:

First of all, who is chalie sheen? Second of all, if you're referring to the warlock beating, porn star pegging, "winner" that is the Charlie Sheen...I really hope for your sake that you don't drink like he does. 'Cause after all, you'd have to have tiger blood and be taking drugs Charlie Sheens that would make you explode.

And finally...sometimes facebook just provides doses of truth...

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