Monday, July 30, 2012

Welcome to the projects

I've been slowwwwwly but surely trying to spruce up this new apartment.  Add some pillows here. A little chevron stripe there. Pop an antique piece over yonder. You know the drill.  Here, I'll show ya...

That's the ladder I got from Feather Your Nest antique store here in Lexington. Highly recommended by the by.  I've always thought having a "shabby chic" (does anyone else sort of hate that term?) ladder would be a cool piece to use for decor.  I don't know what I'm doing with it yet but I think it has potential.  I'd love to hear suggestions!

I painted this old iron frame white. When in doubt...paint it!  That's the motto kiddo YOLO (wait, what?).  I also decided to use the cover of this year's Kentucky Derby program as art.  Afterall, I did bet on the Derby winner, I'll Have Another, at my very first Derby experience this year so it seemed appropriate!

This was a Pinterest-inspired project and in my opinion...a fail.  I bought this chevron patterned scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby and attempted to cover my boring old plastic drawers with it.  The sides and top look fairly smooth but the insides got a bit wonky.  Oh well! Can't win 'em all. This now resides in it's rightful closet.

This nook in my bedroom is surely going to be a blessing and a curse.  I love having a place to display things but knowing me it'll never be complete.  I need to prop those antlers (yes, they're real) up on some coffee table type books and I think the 3rd shelf needs something other than a frame...right?  Again, if anyone is reading this (Mom?) I'd love to hear suggestions.  I can only google/pinterest search "book shelf styling" so many times before my head explodes.

Okay, excuse the miserable iphone photo quality.  This is the couch in our living room.  It finally feels complete with the 2 big pillows I just added. They are from Homegoods and so cozy (and for $50 for the set).  The glass coffee table is soon to be replaced with a big ottoman I'm recovering...because who wants a hard glass table when you can have a comfy ottoman?  The plan is to make/buy a large tray to set on the ottoman and presto've got somewhere to set your cocktail and prop your feet. Does it get any better than that in the world of DIY?

And lastly, I just bought this little baby from Value City Furniture.  Guess how much it was.  Seriously.  Do it...........
You're wrong.
It was $79.
I felt like I was stealing.
It's sort of a brown/grey color and it's the perfect sweet little addition to our little living room.
Bargain hunting.  I swear it should be an Olympic sport.

That's all for now friends.  I'll keep you updated as the projects continue!  Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and as always...enjoy Bachelor Pad tonight ;)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

You know you want me

If you're anything like me and have spent a significant amount of time writing/editing/arranging/rewriting resumes and cover letters (only to be hired by someone you knew) then you will LOVE this website.

Allow me to introduce you to...the reverse job application...

I hope it worked for him. And if not, I hope he sleeps better at night knowing he made at least 1 person out there (me!) laugh. a. lot.'s time for me to update my resume and finish that bottle of wine. Cheers!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Manic Monday

I hope you all had an ah-mazing weekend.  I spent mine drowning myself in margaritas at the pool.

I'll keep it simple today and share what I've been obsessing over lately:

Tunes: The Trishas.  They are gorgeous in every way.  Try not to covet their style and their voices. You can't? Told ya.

Fashion: Colored jeans for Fall.  Although I love the mint and coral and pink styles from this summer, they are anything but forgiving.  I'm excited for Fall's version, with darker and more flattering jewel tones. And hey, I'm not sorry that I still rock a bootcut jean sometimes.  Skinnies aren't the only style on the block!
Screenshot from
Fashion 2.0: Marc Jacobs watches.  The Michael Kors watches are fantastic and will always be a delightful addition to any wrist stack BUT...MJ is my new love and my my does he do a timepiece right.

Food: Protein shakes.  I'm probably the last 20something girl to try and love a good protein shake but ohfreakingwell.  My sister uses the isagenix system and I had the pleasure of sipping on those while I was visiting her skinny tush in California.  I'm not sure if I'm ready to dive into that system BUT I did pick up a 4 pack of the Myoplex Vanilla Shakes at Kroger.  Bottoms up everyone.  They are delicious and nutritious. And they seriously fill me up! Get on board.

Fitness:  I recently moved into a new place with Samantha...and we gained a new roommate!  Grace is fantastic in many ways but here's a bonus...we go to the same gym.  I went to a class I hadn't tried with her last week and it kicked butt. Quite literally.  So no, I don't have a new workout obsession BUT I am currently very thankful for healthy/fit friends that motivate me and make working out FUN.

Person: Myself of course. Heyyyyyyy

Kidding, guys. But really, I'm just trying to make jokes to distract from the fact that I'm truly heartbroken for my love...Arie.  Emily, I wish you the best but this man is once in a lifetime and I still can't believe you let him go.  America loves ya Arie. Go get 'em.

Home Decor:  Bar carts. Bar carts. Bar carts.  Chic and functional.  My favorite combination.  I will find one and make her mine.  Please come over for drinks soon ;)


Cheers everyone!  Hope your Monday goes by quickly!  Do yourself a favor and indulge in Bachelor Pad tonight...because that'll cure anything this mopey day can throw at ya. Adios.

Friday, July 20, 2012

I want you back!

If NSYNC can't inspire you...then nothing can.
After cruising through the internet for an hour or so today, reading my favorite blogs, and discovering some new (and local!) ones, I've been inspired.  I've decided to reignite the fire under this measley little blog. Maybe. Well, hopefully. Get excited...all 2 of you.  I've always thought this thing needed a little organization but I've never committed to it so cross your fingers, say your prayers, knock on wood, do a rain dance (what?), get out your voodoo dolls, and strike a match...'cause I'm going to give it a whirl.

Home Decor
And of course a little gossip/humor/poetry as well
(did she just say poetry?)

Wish me luck and see you soon!