Monday, August 15, 2011

we're just 2 girls and we're having a good time...

It's all happening in Lexington tonight.
The UK Legends are going to take on the Dominican National team.
Coach Joe B. Hall vs. Coach John Calipari.
In Rupp Arena.
The place is going to be insane.
I love my town for so many reasons but on basketball's the best.
Julie and I are going to her law school happy hour at Two Keys first
so we'll be nice and "warmed up" for the game.
I just can't wait to see all these guys come back and play!!!!
These 3 might make me cry
So, thats what I'm doing tonight.
If you're trying to find me between the hours of 5 and 10...sorry.
I'll be basking in the glory of basketball superstars.
No big deal.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

'net trendz

I am literally cracking up right now!
What is the internet doing? I can't...
There are all these trends right now that have me asking...why? and also...why not?
They're ridiculous, childish, dangerous, stupid, and hysterical.
Just my type.
Here's what I'm talking about...

this is Julie planking at an apartment in Chicago

this is Whitney Port coneing at a fast food restaurant

this is a random girl owling on a countertop

again, this is a random dude toothpicking in a garage

and possibly my favorite...
this guy is hilarious

Okay let me just be honest with you.
I want to do them all.
There, I said it.
I'm defenseless against my generation's moronic ideas!
I'm sure pics will be coming soon...
Sorry Mom.

Oh and I didn't forget about the house tour.
That was pretty anticlimatic huh?
My camera just blows so I'm going to try again today.
But you guys will all be busy leisure diving or coming up with some new trend like "praying" right?

Kathie Lee and Hoda were just talking about another trend that I missed.

making it appear that you are beheaded (this is a trend you do in pairs. yeehaw!)

I can't keep up, 2011. You move too quick.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


House Tour.
Here is the house as it looks today...
Right side of kitchen

Left side of kitchen

Dining area with our cute new table. We love the big window! We still need either a baker's rack or a ladder shelf for that right wall and we need to hang that picture on the ground once we know how to place it...

Main floor bathroom. Pretty simple :) Julie hung her adorable paintings from Greece
 to pretty it up though so we love that!

My bedroom. The cube under my desk will be replaced with a desk chair this weekend.
Also, there will be a major pillow makeover coming soon. Think CHEVRON STRIPE TAKEOVER.

Opposite side of the bedroom.

My "Mood Wall" with clippings from pinterest and other inspiring websites. This will soon be replaced by an actual wall collage of pictures, my favorite notes, letters, art, maybe a horseshoe, maybe antlers...the options are endless! Hopefully I'll complete it this weekend with Dad's help :)

The corner of my bedroom. That picture will hang either on one of those walls or with the collage wall...not sure yet! And I'm hoping to find a different/taller furniture piece for my tv (and a new flat panel tv soon)!

My bathroom. I feel quite lucky blessed by God to have my own bathroom.  

My shower and wall sconces. That shower curtain looked much better at my previous place with the garden tub but it still works! Love those ruffles, even at 23.

Anyway, just thought it would be fun to show a tidbit of what the place looks like in the first few weeks of living here. We still have a LOT to do! I didn't take pictures of my roomie's bedrooms or the living room because it would be creepy to do that to Samantha and Julie without asking annnnnd 'cause the living room is a wreck until I get the rest of my furniture this weekend, pop on the sofa cover, buy some new lamps, decorate the walls, etc. Right now it's a couch, a chair, a coffee table, and a TV...aka no personality. I'll definitely post more pictures after this weekend. If you're wondering why so many projects are being completed this weekend it is because
a) my parents are visiting and they're handy dandy
b) it's the first weekend not filled with crazy activities
c) Julie and I are hoping to pop into some thrift/antique/junk stores in Lexington on Saturday, including one called "Cowgirl Attic" (think we could find a spot to owl in there?!?!)
d) it's about damn time to finish this shiz up!

Okay, blah blah blah, I talk too much.

Monday, August 8, 2011

can i get an amen?

Today I'm gonna give ya a little love.
And then a little hate.
Because I can't let things get too fluffy around here...

I LOVE that Sephora is having a sale online!
I mean, how often do you get a store's e-mail in your inbox and it's...USEFUL!?!
I get at least 3,489 e-mails a day from Sephora, Bed Bath, Victoria's Secret, JCrew, Asian Dating services (what??) etc. etc. etc. and usually...SNORE.
But Sephora has restored my faith in being on so many subscriber lists.
Because they had a sale.
And it was a beast.
My favorite Stila tinted moisturizer and my favorite Bare Escentuals mascara were both magically on major sale.
The makeup gods have spoken.
And I am officially in their good graces.
Check it out lovas.

Oh and while we're at it...does anyone have a cream blush or tint stick that they can't live without and would recommend to a sista from anotha mista? 
I'm not in the mood to correctly spell any words ending in "er" today, sorry.
I've heard good things about the Nars Multiple but I'd love some more suggestions.

Onto the next one.
I HATE how super short dresses are these days.
I mean, can a girl just find a hemline that allows for sitting down all?
Am I the only one that wants to wear a dress without putting on a show?
I just want something a few inches about the knee.
Is that too much to ask?
Well, apparently it is.
Stores seem to focus mostly on the under 5'3 crowd.
I'm 5'7 and it is a rare day on earth when I can find a cute dress that doesn't hang right below my tush.
So to Forever 21, Lulus, H&M, boutiques in Lexington, etc:
Please teach your buyers to round up some dresses for girls like me who want to keep it a little ladylike but not have to put on a muumuu.
That'd be fab.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

can't stop myself

I've been on such a creative kick lately.
Like, I can't even write a to do list without wanting to hot glue feathers and glitter to it.
But I'm not mad about it.
I'm the kind of freak that gets a warm fuzzy feeling out of being artsy/crafty/imagination-y.
Whether it's making a dragon for my roommate Samantha's 4th grade classroom...
Or making a gift for my friend Lauren as she moves to Chicago...
Or painting art for my room...
Or thinking of ideas for fundraising events for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society...
Or just letting my imagination wander while I watch the final Harry Potter movie...
I can't get enough of it.
I've said it before and I'll say it again.
I'm 12.
In light of this phase, I want to share my latest digital creation.
I lust over typography art and the like.
So I tried it.
What do you think?
I really like it for my first try.
I want to print it on thick glossy poster paper at Kinkos and hang it in our "basement" aka "party room" aka "pool room" aka "beer pong room" aka "workout room" aka "hide from tornados room".
We have a lot of ideas for that room apparently.
Maybe I'll take a pic when it's up for good!

Monday, August 1, 2011


I've been a busy girl in this new townhouse!
Assembling kitchen tables and chairs with my roomies.
Buying white ceramic elephant bookends for my desk.
Hanging art and picture frames.
Making pillows.
Buying iron keys.
Painting geometric art pieces to match my room.
But most of what I've been doing is brainstorming.
Finding inspiring ideas for wonderful little things to place on "the big wall" in my room.
I want to make a collage wall.
Filled with pictures, quotes, mirrors, keys, canvases, crosses, frames, etc.
And I think it's coming along! I'm going to actually make this happen.
not just lust over other people's walls on pinterest 
And the other day I decided to get really sappy...
and I found my graduation notes/cards from last year...
and I scanned, edited, and printed my favorite tidbits from my family and from Wes...
and I decided I want to frame them and put them on my wall.
I know.
I have a sensitive side?
But here are the pieces from my Mom, Dad, and Wes.
(possibly more to come from others)

From Dad

From Mom

Obviously, From Wes

And YES, I realize Wes' is quite long but he's a man of few words and when it comes to love letters that don't involve some sort of apology...this is the best I have. And I do think it's quite sweet :)
Anyway, just thought I'd share because I really love my idea.
Not to brag.
But I'm going to love looking at my wall and being reminded of how blessed I am to have these people in my life.
I'll post pictures when "the big wall" is done.
But let's be honest...I won't be able to finish it without some advice from my Mom on where to place everything and some handywork from my Dad.
I know, I'm 23.
I could do it on my own.
But I like their expertise, okay?