Tuesday, August 9, 2011


House Tour.
Here is the house as it looks today...
Right side of kitchen

Left side of kitchen

Dining area with our cute new table. We love the big window! We still need either a baker's rack or a ladder shelf for that right wall and we need to hang that picture on the ground once we know how to place it...

Main floor bathroom. Pretty simple :) Julie hung her adorable paintings from Greece
 to pretty it up though so we love that!

My bedroom. The cube under my desk will be replaced with a desk chair this weekend.
Also, there will be a major pillow makeover coming soon. Think CHEVRON STRIPE TAKEOVER.

Opposite side of the bedroom.

My "Mood Wall" with clippings from pinterest and other inspiring websites. This will soon be replaced by an actual wall collage of pictures, my favorite notes, letters, art, maybe a horseshoe, maybe antlers...the options are endless! Hopefully I'll complete it this weekend with Dad's help :)

The corner of my bedroom. That picture will hang either on one of those walls or with the collage wall...not sure yet! And I'm hoping to find a different/taller furniture piece for my tv (and a new flat panel tv soon)!

My bathroom. I feel quite lucky blessed by God to have my own bathroom.  

My shower and wall sconces. That shower curtain looked much better at my previous place with the garden tub but it still works! Love those ruffles, even at 23.

Anyway, just thought it would be fun to show a tidbit of what the place looks like in the first few weeks of living here. We still have a LOT to do! I didn't take pictures of my roomie's bedrooms or the living room because it would be creepy to do that to Samantha and Julie without asking annnnnd 'cause the living room is a wreck until I get the rest of my furniture this weekend, pop on the sofa cover, buy some new lamps, decorate the walls, etc. Right now it's a couch, a chair, a coffee table, and a TV...aka no personality. I'll definitely post more pictures after this weekend. If you're wondering why so many projects are being completed this weekend it is because
a) my parents are visiting and they're handy dandy
b) it's the first weekend not filled with crazy activities
c) Julie and I are hoping to pop into some thrift/antique/junk stores in Lexington on Saturday, including one called "Cowgirl Attic" (think we could find a spot to owl in there?!?!)
d) it's about damn time to finish this shiz up!

Okay, blah blah blah, I talk too much.

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