Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Par-tay

Merry Christmas everyone.  Hope you had a day full of love :)

Thought I'd share a few quick outfit pics for 2 very different holiday parties I attended last Saturday.
The bf took me to his office Christmas dinner...and then straight to his college friend's tacky sweater party. You can see the outfit dilemma this presents right?
Fortunately we ended up passing on the tacky sweater situation and went in our normal clothes.'s what I originally planned.

For the office dinner:
 - striped blouse from The Limited
- black skirt from H&M
- black Steve Madden pumps
- green necklace from Forever 21

And for the tacky sweater party make 1 switch:

- men's red and green plaid shirt from...Goodwill (that's right, I said it)

I think it would have been a perfect and super easy transformation had I needed to do it :)

And by the way...
I've since become a bit crazed about this shirt.  I've worn it with my faux fur vest and jeans. I've worn it with black leggings and boots. I've worn it as a nightgown.  The possibilities are endless. 
Or maybe I've just convinced myself that wearing a man's shirt is appropriate because it is so.damn.comfortable.
Either way - I highly recommend browsing the racks of your local Goodwill and snagging one up.

Merry Christmas again!
I'll post more holiday pictures soon.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Present Project

Is anyone else struggling with gift ideas this year?
What is it about 2012 that is stumping me?
Damn Mayans got me all flustered, yall!
I have the boyfriend's gift done & done.
And that. is. it.
Sister in law
Brother in law
3 nephews
1 niece
I have ideas for the kiddos.
But everyone else is giving me a migraine. I just cant get excited about anything I see!
I'm usually a fairly creative gift giver and I really dont want to think I hit my gift giving peak at 23 ya feel me?
So now it's a challenge and I'm more determined than ever.
My family will love their gifts. It's a must.
SUGGESTIONS WELCOME bloggie friends ;)
Because seriously...
every gift suggestion list, slideshow, magazine page, etc. is absolutely horrid.
Has anyone ever read through those "What to get the guy that has everything" or 
"One of a kind gift" lists and said "Why, yes, my brother would LOVE a wireless computer mouse with tiger ears and a 2012" or "Of course - my Mom has been dying for a $79 tray with a picture of a gypsy on it because she's so unique" ?
I haven't.

What are you guys getting for family and friends this year? 
Any fantastic finds that I must check out?