Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Ok Ok, last video post for a while. I'll try to keep it that way at least.

So I'm sitting home alone without the roomies or bf. Which is weird...'cause that rarely happens. The roomie and I are a liiiitle obsessed with one another! Regardless, I decided to check out the ol' Theta Greek Sing vids. I have to say one of my favorite and most hated parts of being in a sorority was Greek Sing. It's so fabulous on one hand. What with the costumes, glitter, themes, hip hop, broadway tunes, dancing, singing, etc. It's every gay man's girl's dream! But, it consists of hours upon hours of practicing and angry looks/yells from girls that haven't let go of their high school dance team glory days. All the same...I have many a fond memory of Greek Sing at UK and I have to alma mater does it better than any other. Props Kentucky. Anywho, I'm going to share 2 videos of Theta's Greek Sing performances. I'd share the one from 2010 as well but I can't find it on youtube (boooooo). ENJOYSIESSSSS.

P.S. I was privileged enough to don a silver glitter tube top (that fell halfway down while I was dancing), "cheer" shorts (a.k.a booty shorts), tights, and pigtails while holding pom-poms in the 2008 performance. So watch out for that dazzling group of girls and you'll find me. And in the 2009 performance I was in the "pizza pie" interlude wearing a red apron and flour on my cheeks...but you can't see the whole stage in this particular video so you'll miss me :( haha. In 2010 I got to be a badass witch with a green face, black eyes and lips, a witch's hat, and a cape that said "GO UK" on the back of it. AND THAT WAS MY FAVORITE COSTUME...duh. Hopefully one day I can share it.

Also, I'm conflicted as to whether this is pitiful and sad of me to watch these almost a year later or simply just a product of nostalgia but I don't really care. There's nothing wrong with reliving fun times with mah bestiezz.

UPDATE: If you are my friend on facebook, I'm tagged in the 2010 video.
So if you're interested in seeing it, maybe try that...

Monday, January 24, 2011


Watch this. You just have to.

I found this video today and let me tell you...if my friends did this at my wedding reception...I would probably pass out from happiness. I love musicals. I wish there was a constant dance number and soundtrack happening throughout my life. If I ever have the money...I will be going to Chicago and NYC constantly to see musicals. They are corny and genius. That said, this video is magical. LOVE IT.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

dr. jibbles lets looooooooose

I dedicate this blog entry to Lauren Jellison and Tommy Enricco.

This creature lives with me.

P.S. No dogs were harmed in the creation of this video.

give me give me MORE

I dedicate this blog entry to Betsy Phillips, who introduced me to the Sassy Gay Friend. Enjoy :)

P.S. This guy is a comedian from Second City (GENIUSES). If you ever have a chance to go see a show at a Second City better do it.

'cause this is how i do...

If you're sitting there and you're thinking "Look Meghan, I've been hitting my refresh button over and over and you're just not giving me what I need from your blog" and you're dying for me to update just a little more and get back to consistently entertaining you with my clever quips, weird confessions (and obsessions), and slightly awkward sense of humor...then today is your lucky day. (That was officially the longest and most sarcastic sentence ever written btw) But seriously....boy-oh-boy do I have plans for you. I've got an excellent line up coming your way. For example, today I'd like to introduce you to my favorite animal...the snake.

I'd also like to direct your attention to the new show on television called "My Strange Addiction". That's all I'm going to say. Please go watch it and then I recommend you revel in your own mostly normal personality and life. Unless you're also eating couch cushions (SPOILER ALERT) and then I suggest find a way to get on the show. Okay, see you in 3 minutes when I post something else.

Friday, January 21, 2011

i'm over you

"You're over me? When were you...under me?" - Ross to Rachel

One of several favorite quotes of mine from Friends. But I find it to be especially relevant in my particular situation. And no, we're not talking about my relationship with that tall blonde I run around town with. We're weirdly and shockingly still together and happier than ever. Mush mush. Blahhhh. Anyway, I'm talking about my relationship with this town I've called home for the past 4.5 years. And I can't blog blab about this without a disclaimer. The majority of the past 4.5 years have been nothing short of incredible. College was the best time of my life and anyone whose been to college knows that. However, I have this overwhelming feeling lately that I need to move on. Lexington...I've been under your spell for a long time but I'm officially over you. The past 8 months since graduation have been a clusterf**k and I have not wanted to leave this place. My life is here. My friends are here (mostly). My boyfriend is here. My parents are close. I like Lexington. I'm comfortable here. But after getting laid off and finding basically 0 entry-level jobs here and realizing that my friends and my boyfriend are probably all moving soon and my own fate is not to stay here for the rest of my life's adios Lex town. I have to grow up, start fresh, be self-sufficient, take risks, and begin the next chapter of my life. I have to do it. So I'm going to enjoy my last few months (lease is up in July) in a place that I will always consider a second home...but then hopefully it's off to a new city and a new job. (granted, now that I say this I'll probably end up finding some random job in Lexington...this would be my life) This post-graduation period has been rough and stupid and challenging and just generally icky but I think that's the consesus from most recent grads...the first year after college is awkward and hard. But I have to say that I'm glad I went through all this hard, sad, challenging life stuff now. Because it's taught me to be positive and thankful all the time, no matter what, every day. Not that I'm ever going to be the eternal optimist...I'm not. I'm a very realistic/practical person. Duh. BUT, I've learned to be thankful for what/who I have in my life and to take every rejection or challenge or other crap with a sense of humor and move on. So...I'm currently taking applications for anyone who wants to move to a new city with me...? Any takers? My top choices are Nashville, Knoxville, Charlotte, and Atlanta. If all goes as planned and I can get a job in one of those places...I expect you ALL to visit and send me house-warming gifts. Once this requirement is met...I will pay you each back for all the ways you've spoiled me while I've been an unemployed loser. Now, stop reading my blog to your families. They probably think I'm a freak. You know who you areeeeee.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

forgot one for the bucket list

I neglected to include one very very important goal on my bucket list.

26. Be the "fan of the day" on Kentucky Sports Radio

and in fact...this was accomplished today!  Just click here KSR Post

My life is complete. I can die happy.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

back again

By the way, I googled images for "year 2011" and
this little gem popped up. I don't know what it
means but I think it's trying to tell us
that 2011 is going to be crazy cool.
Christmas came and went. NYE came and went. Lots of gifting, eating, drinking, playing, watching movies. I was lucky to be able to spend so much time with my family and friends. I'm very grateful. But now everyone is back home, back to class, back to work, and I'm back on the job search. I got the big
N-O from my last 4 interviews. BUT - there's no sense in dwelling on it or worrying about why I didn't get the job. My job is still out there and I just know it :) :) So send positive vibes my way friends! In the spirit of 2011 bucket list is officially here.

1. Get (and keep) a job
2. Get in a better workout routine with my roomies
3. Make decor for my apartment (fabric headboard and yarn wreath on the horizon...)
4. Learn at least 25 new recipes (a.k.a. learn to cook)
5. Be a better long-distance friend/daughter/sister, etc.
6. Find a way to attend Bekah's wedding ($$$$)
7. Visit Bakersfield and Akron
8. Go to a concert
9. Learn how to sew (this one starts with a button...)
10. Get more sleep!
11. Finish the Harry Potter Book series before the last movie comes out
12. Read some of Donald Miller's books again (haven't read these since high school)
13. Write more thank-you notes
14. REMEMBER EVERYONE'S BIRTHDAYS (a.k.a. somehow get a better memory)
15. Try sushi (again)
16. Get a smartphone (this one is veryyy dependent on the job)
17. Spend more time outside
18. Stop eating bad food after a few too many cocktails
19. Take more fashion risks
20. Give more compliments
21. Treat myself to a massage (it would be my first)
22. Use coupons
23. Listen to more (different) music
25. Kick 2011's butt ;)

What's on your bucket list this year??