Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Ok Ok, last video post for a while. I'll try to keep it that way at least.

So I'm sitting home alone without the roomies or bf. Which is weird...'cause that rarely happens. The roomie and I are a liiiitle obsessed with one another! Regardless, I decided to check out the ol' Theta Greek Sing vids. I have to say one of my favorite and most hated parts of being in a sorority was Greek Sing. It's so fabulous on one hand. What with the costumes, glitter, themes, hip hop, broadway tunes, dancing, singing, etc. It's every gay man's girl's dream! But, it consists of hours upon hours of practicing and angry looks/yells from girls that haven't let go of their high school dance team glory days. All the same...I have many a fond memory of Greek Sing at UK and I have to alma mater does it better than any other. Props Kentucky. Anywho, I'm going to share 2 videos of Theta's Greek Sing performances. I'd share the one from 2010 as well but I can't find it on youtube (boooooo). ENJOYSIESSSSS.

P.S. I was privileged enough to don a silver glitter tube top (that fell halfway down while I was dancing), "cheer" shorts (a.k.a booty shorts), tights, and pigtails while holding pom-poms in the 2008 performance. So watch out for that dazzling group of girls and you'll find me. And in the 2009 performance I was in the "pizza pie" interlude wearing a red apron and flour on my cheeks...but you can't see the whole stage in this particular video so you'll miss me :( haha. In 2010 I got to be a badass witch with a green face, black eyes and lips, a witch's hat, and a cape that said "GO UK" on the back of it. AND THAT WAS MY FAVORITE COSTUME...duh. Hopefully one day I can share it.

Also, I'm conflicted as to whether this is pitiful and sad of me to watch these almost a year later or simply just a product of nostalgia but I don't really care. There's nothing wrong with reliving fun times with mah bestiezz.

UPDATE: If you are my friend on facebook, I'm tagged in the 2010 video.
So if you're interested in seeing it, maybe try that...

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