Thursday, January 13, 2011

back again

By the way, I googled images for "year 2011" and
this little gem popped up. I don't know what it
means but I think it's trying to tell us
that 2011 is going to be crazy cool.
Christmas came and went. NYE came and went. Lots of gifting, eating, drinking, playing, watching movies. I was lucky to be able to spend so much time with my family and friends. I'm very grateful. But now everyone is back home, back to class, back to work, and I'm back on the job search. I got the big
N-O from my last 4 interviews. BUT - there's no sense in dwelling on it or worrying about why I didn't get the job. My job is still out there and I just know it :) :) So send positive vibes my way friends! In the spirit of 2011 bucket list is officially here.

1. Get (and keep) a job
2. Get in a better workout routine with my roomies
3. Make decor for my apartment (fabric headboard and yarn wreath on the horizon...)
4. Learn at least 25 new recipes (a.k.a. learn to cook)
5. Be a better long-distance friend/daughter/sister, etc.
6. Find a way to attend Bekah's wedding ($$$$)
7. Visit Bakersfield and Akron
8. Go to a concert
9. Learn how to sew (this one starts with a button...)
10. Get more sleep!
11. Finish the Harry Potter Book series before the last movie comes out
12. Read some of Donald Miller's books again (haven't read these since high school)
13. Write more thank-you notes
14. REMEMBER EVERYONE'S BIRTHDAYS (a.k.a. somehow get a better memory)
15. Try sushi (again)
16. Get a smartphone (this one is veryyy dependent on the job)
17. Spend more time outside
18. Stop eating bad food after a few too many cocktails
19. Take more fashion risks
20. Give more compliments
21. Treat myself to a massage (it would be my first)
22. Use coupons
23. Listen to more (different) music
25. Kick 2011's butt ;)

What's on your bucket list this year??

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