Thursday, July 1, 2010

About Me

A little bit about me:
I'm a 20-something...approaching that 30-something category faster all the time.
Living in Lexington, Kentucky.
"Mother figure" to a dog named Jameson who my boyfriend rescued and who taught me that I should never get too attached to any pair of shoes...
I hang out with this guy named Chris a lot ;)
I decorate and customize everything.
If it's black, white, or gold I own it.
I'm a huge mimic and cannot help myself from becoming a little bit like each of my friends. 
I write...sometimes. It's sarcastic and long-winded...most of the time.
My mom thinks my writing is funny.
I love fashion like all girls but I'm a realist. And I refuse to pay full price for anything. Bargain hunting is an art, ladies.
I live by the rule that unless you love yourself you cannot love another.
I'm a DIY queen. Pinterest was actually created for me. I'm still waiting for them to put that on the homepage by the way...
I lived in Ohio for 10 years so I'm a HUGE Ohio State Buckeyes fan.  I graduated from the University of Kentucky so I'm an EVEN BIGGER Kentucky Wildcats fan.
Most life is in the hands of my Creator and Father God.  His love and grace are everything!

You should stay tuned. Could be fun.

I absolutely adore reading your blogs and seeing glimpses into the lives of bloggers (much cooler than me) across the U S of A so make sure to say hello and leave your link so we can be friends!