Tuesday, August 31, 2010

we're goin down down down down down...

With Labor Day weekend quickly approaching I found myself needing to make the most of this glorious 3 day weekend...especially since I'm getting my first paid holiday! So I rallied the crew and it looks like we'll be heading down to Athens, Georgia to visit Miss Betsy Phillips. Our last trip down there was a reunion never to be forgotten and I'm so excited we get to do it again. It's their first home football game so I'm sure we'll do some tailgating on Betsy's cute little street. Hopefully we'll find a spot to sit/drink and watch the UK vs. Louisville game on TV...and by "watch" I mean witness the massacre that is bound to happen on those dirty birds from Loo-Uh-Vull. I also imagine more blurry pictures like this one will appear. I have to say Athens has a great bar/nightlife scene. It's much bigger than Lexington's (not hard) and everything is within walking distance...what a novelty! If only the drive wasn't 7 hours we'd probably visit more often. But the Pontiac Attack is primed and ready to escort us all the way down south. I better go make a playlist for my ipod (yes, it's still working if you were wondering) so we can entertain ourselves for that long. I'm thinking themed hours of music. Suggestions welcome. Here's what I've got in mind:

- Musicals Hour (this one's for Julie since she LOVES broadway so much)
- Country Hour
- Nickelodeon/Disney Channel/Saturday Morning Cartoons Theme Song Hour
- Rap/Hip Hop Hour (in honor of Ren bein' Ren)
- Weird Indie Meghan in H.S. Hour (more like 1/2 hour)
- NSync and BSB Hour
- Tailgating Music Hour

Saturday, August 28, 2010




questions for a saturday morning.

is it a street scene day? perhaps.
it is, without question, a pool day.
should i drive to cincinnati tonight or tomorrow?
what's for breakfast?
time to clean my place? (that's not really a question)
let the day begin.

((i am deep))

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Shiraz is apparently my new favorite wine. In the grand scheme of things I don't know anything about wines, brands, years, or what is supposed to be good or bad. But I know what I like and I've learned recently that Australian Shiraz is delicious. Bring it on, mate. Ayyyyy luv it! (somebody shut me up)

This particular bottle joined me at dinner when Wes and I ate at Malone's last week and a similar version joined me this evening in the hot tub with my roomies.

Both occasions...delicious.


Zooey Deschanel is me (I wish)...only famous. Her character Kit in Failure to Launch is the best thing in the world. PRIME EXAMPLEEEE...

Paula: Hey hey.
Kit: Hey, Paula. Good news. It's Champagne Thursday.
Paula: It's Friday.
Kit: Uh, yeah, Thursday came twice this week.
Paula: For the third straight week.
Kit: There's talk of making it permanent.
Paula: Oh, kind of like Daylight Saving's Time?
Kit: Right, but for booze.

If only I had a name like Zooey and an ability to not care at all how awkward, weird, or alcoholic people thought I was. Girl crush. Maja.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Embrace it. Love it. Live it.

This stage of my life is weird. I've made that quite clear, haven't I? So I decided I really need to accept a couple of things, not be ashamed, and not look back. Here is a list of things I'm officially embracing:

Going on autopilot Monday through Friday so I can get through the next few months of my working life and "pay my dues" is a survival skill. (thank you Cosmo magazine for the first enlightening article you've ever provided me)

STILL acting like freshmen on the weekends...but with a valid I.D...is awesome.

Making multiple trips to the dollar store every week is smart.

Going to class really did suck and it's okay to miss college but I don't have to miss school.

Potato chips will never be healthy, light, or fulfilling but they will always be necessary, delicious, and a great drunk food.

Change is the only constant thing in life.

Napping is necessary.

Going to bed before midnight does not make me old.

The gym is around the corner...get real.

I have my own bathroom for the first time in 4 years...that should be enough happiness to last a lifetime.

My life is weird.

I really should have my own reality show. Srsly.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Show Me The Money...well, kind of...

I got a job in sales. It's in Lexington. It pays me. And I get to be out of the office a lot. I'm glad that the search is over (for now). It's not totally my dream job (ahem, salary-wise) but it's a good start and I can't be picky right now. Annnnd I shant disclose anymore information as I am now a "professional". Well okay, lets get real...I may have to give the occasional anecdote from the office. Maybe. Possibly. Probably. Most likely. Like tomorrow. Anyway, I just had my first day today and I do have to say - any job that gets me home after 3 hours on the first day is a winner. I walked in the door just in time for Intervention on A&E, thank God. Speaking of which, DVR probably needs to be added to my life. Yep. It's time for this girl to hitch a ride on the train...or, I guess...hybrid to 2010. I already get hell for my ancient technology collection; phone, dvd player, tv, laptop, iPod, etc. so maybe I can surprise the pants off my friends and actually give into this century. However, I do like to remind the naysayers that having such old (and I like to mention, mostly working) crap is like a big F*** YOU to any criminals/muggers/robbers/hobos/crazies that wanna snag my swag. What's the pawn shop dude gonna give you for a 5 year old iPod and a TV with a VHS player in it? I would guess about 1 Canadian nickel and a cold shoulder. You heard it here first Lexington robbers...try to come steal my big box tv...it barely fits through the door.

In other news, I've been reading the Harry Potter series. Right, so my reputation for being stuck in the past is not improving with that sentence. Regardless, since it is 1998 in my world I thought I'd give good ol' J.K. Rowling a try. And I have to say, she's damn good. But the problem with reading Harry Potter is the dreams that have been added to my repertoire. I don't have time (well I do, but I don't care) to give all the details but I'll leave you with a list of what's shown up in my dreams as of late...

- Dragons
- lots of beards
- ice
- Swedish or Dutch or Norwegian people (can't tell)
- a hammer
- polka dots
- adoption
- purple drugs
- stuff about eyebrows

Psh, combine those anyway you want...it's been real