Tuesday, August 31, 2010

we're goin down down down down down...

With Labor Day weekend quickly approaching I found myself needing to make the most of this glorious 3 day weekend...especially since I'm getting my first paid holiday! So I rallied the crew and it looks like we'll be heading down to Athens, Georgia to visit Miss Betsy Phillips. Our last trip down there was a reunion never to be forgotten and I'm so excited we get to do it again. It's their first home football game so I'm sure we'll do some tailgating on Betsy's cute little street. Hopefully we'll find a spot to sit/drink and watch the UK vs. Louisville game on TV...and by "watch" I mean witness the massacre that is bound to happen on those dirty birds from Loo-Uh-Vull. I also imagine more blurry pictures like this one will appear. I have to say Athens has a great bar/nightlife scene. It's much bigger than Lexington's (not hard) and everything is within walking distance...what a novelty! If only the drive wasn't 7 hours we'd probably visit more often. But the Pontiac Attack is primed and ready to escort us all the way down south. I better go make a playlist for my ipod (yes, it's still working if you were wondering) so we can entertain ourselves for that long. I'm thinking themed hours of music. Suggestions welcome. Here's what I've got in mind:

- Musicals Hour (this one's for Julie since she LOVES broadway so much)
- Country Hour
- Nickelodeon/Disney Channel/Saturday Morning Cartoons Theme Song Hour
- Rap/Hip Hop Hour (in honor of Ren bein' Ren)
- Weird Indie Meghan in H.S. Hour (more like 1/2 hour)
- NSync and BSB Hour
- Tailgating Music Hour

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