Monday, February 28, 2011

lets pretend its sunday

For the sake of argument, lets pretend its Sunday. And also that I didn't take my boyfriend's cold, turn it up about 12 notches and take it for a ride. Lets just pretend for a minute...'cause I'd rather live in that world right now. So, you ask, what did I learn this week? This week I learned that colds are contagious. I wish I didn't just type that. But I gotta be honest, that was the big moment of this week. I knew Wes was sick. I could hear it in his voice. I watched the kid gag on throat-numbing spray. I knew he had been popping ibuprofen like candy. I heard the complaints. But, did I refrain from kissing him goodnight? No. Did I wash my hands more? Nahh. Did I use lysol in my room or bathroom after he touched things in my house? Nein. Did I carry a bottle of hand sanitizer with me for extra precaution. Because apparently I forget that my immune system is a dirty whore and likes to pick everything up. And because I must secretly love to be sick. That has to be it. I have no sense. So there it is. Theres my lesson...that I've learned the hard way about 608,723 times in my life. I got sick and I deserve it and I learned that I'm stupid. I will approach germs more cautiously in the future. And thats a promise.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

weirdo wednesday

I only had 1 day to muster up some funky facebook moments but here's what I discovered:

Where to begin? 
a) who exactly is doing this?
b) when you say "chicks" you mean that more than 1 girl has done this?
c) get some new friends
d) last week you had a status on facebook about interviewing for some kick-ass job...i hate you.
e) you need some new pet peeves

a) you used shennanigans in your status. go you.
b) you eat those grapes boiiii
c) all the love to you

a) i love that you assume that these women are "trying" to be redneck
b) such a gay man status
c) does this only apply to 3 year olds? do you hate dirty women who scream at me in walmart too?

Okay, time to go work on my fitness and watch my damn basketball team try not to embarass me. Hope you enjoyed the first official weirdo wednesdayyyyy

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

blog bl blog blog bloggg (to the tune of the thong song)

I'd like for this blog to have just a bit more organization or...cohesiveness. (Annnd that exact sentence could be applied to just about every part of my life) Anyway, I've been brainstorming ways to change it or add some consistent features every week. Here's what I'm thinking:

Add a "what I learned this week" entry every Sunday with topics ranging from fashion, budgeting, love, relationships, politics (ehhhh probably not), recipes, you get it, etc. I suggest Sunday because I often learn crucial things while being social and out and about over the weekend...'cause I'm kinda a pro at making mistakes and or being clueless while around others. Lucky me. Also, Sunday seems like an appropriate day for reflection and sitting in my bed with my laptop ;)

Add pictures of my favorite outfits at least once a week. This one could be fun because I might add a picture of my beautiful (with varying styles) friends, myself, a celebrity, etc.

Create a different title/header. Unfortunately this may mean creating a new blog. I vaguely remember blogger warning me in excess when I birthed this blog that once I named it, it would be unchangeable/permanent/annoying. Not that it would be a big hassle to get ALL my followers to find my new blog (ha!) but still...silly. I've just been feeling like the title should be something with my name. MAYBE? I don't know. Afterall, this little baby is currently my only legacy and much like a father naming his only son...I want a little piece of myself to be reflected. My name is so generic though. Meghan. What do you do with that? Mega-watt. Mega-million. Meghan Me Crazy. Blah. It's all very...what a blog would be named in 1999. So, if you can come up with anything remotely interesting, quirky, funny with ANY part of my name, I'll probably give you a shout out when I get my reality show. Deal?

Share a "ridiculous facebook moment of the week" post on Wednesdays. Because with unemployment comes lots of wandering around facebook and the roomies and I are constantly finding and sharing with each other the WEIRDNESS that we see online. And who doesn't want to laugh with me, right? Especially on Wednesdays...'cause its hump day and everyone is looking for a way to forget that it's 2 more whole days until the weekend and hanging out with meeee.

That's as far as the brainstorm sesh got tonight. I was rudely interrupted by another brain cell killing episode of the Bad Girls Club in which trashy girl 1 yells nonsense at ghetto girl 2 and hillbilly girl 3 gets snubbed by the house and then parties with jersey girl 4. I wanted to change the channel. I really did. I wanted myself to want to turn on CNN or at the very least turn it to TBS and watch my man Coco but the remote was broken I suck at life. Regardless, look for the new blog additions this week! And hopefully I'll think of a new entry for each day of the week so I can feel a little more purposeful when rambling away on the keyboard :)

Off to catch up on Glee and be an insomniac. Night!

Monday, February 14, 2011

we never miss a beat

This one goes out to my shlong-john girls. Grab a fried pickle and enjoy ;)

Betsy came to see us in Lexington this weekend and as always, it felt like she never left. I've said it before but I'll say it know you've got a true friend when you don't live in the same city, don't have to talk every single day, but can get together every few months and pick up RIGHT where you left off. It's the real deal and I'm lucky to have that.

Sooo basically, we were a "blast in a glass" together this weekend and couldn't seem to get to bed before 5 a.m. any night. It was worth every tired minute. I'm so looking forward to our next rendezvous which is conveniently happening in less than a month. We'll be heading down to Atlanta to spend a weekend with Betsy at her mom's place and hopefullyyyyy get in on some of the SEC tournament action while were there...BONUS!

Speaking of basketball, UK is really stressing me out. We better win the rest of the games on our schedule or I might have some sort of panic attack. I still love them. I still have faith. And boy do I love me some Doron Lamb and Brandon Knight. But, they're driving me crazy! Speaking of crazy, were having a Jorts party during the game on senior night. Get pumped and buy yourself some jorts, denim vests, denim gloves, a headband...whatever it takes...and come celebrate Josh Harrellson's career at UK ;) You're invited.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

and i'm bringing it to me all day long...

So, turns out, sometimes the job opportunities come to you! I got a bit of good news yesterday sooo I'm going to share :)

I applied for a development manager position at a local non-profit here in Lexington (that I won't name because I think I jinx myself) a while back. It was one of many many positions I've applied for that I figured I wasn't quiiiiite qualified for but I sent my resume along anyway. Regardless, I received an email back saying that they decided to restructure the organization and change some of their positions around and decided not to hire someone afterall. I didn't think much of it, right? Welllllll...yesterday I got an email from the same organization saying that they were now hiring for an administrative/assistant type position. They had saved my resume and contact info because it stood out and they wanted to know if I'd be interested in talking about this new position! Well, duh. Of course! So I emailed them back and said yesssssss. An hour later I got a phone call from their C.O.O and we spoke about the position and other little interview-ish things. She said she wasn't planning on deciding right there but that she already knew she really liked me and definitely wanted to do another interview :) I'm very flattered and excited about it. I'm not counting on anything...'cause Lord knows I've had quite the rollercoaster on this job search but I'm just happy that I actually impressed them enough to pursue ME for a change! YAY! Send your prayers, love, and luck my way guys!

Update: My interview went very very well! However, she warned me that they have a lot of applicants to choose from and that she really liked a lot of people. Eek.

Update #2: I was chosen for a second (and final) interview that will be either March 17th or 18th. I was told they were only doing second interviews with a few people so I hope I can stand out!! Amp up those prayers and good vibes friends :) This could potentially be a life-changer.

Update #3: No word from them.  Either they changed their minds about hiring or went with someone with more experience.  Guess we'll never know.  MOVIN ON!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Happy February everyone! It's the month of ice, snow, groundhogs, love, and of course - the biggest holiday event of the year...February 18th.

February is like this irritating buffer between winter and spring for this part of the country. It's the shortest month of the year but most people I know spend it eagerly counting down the days until March arrives. Fortunately for me it's my birthday month so at least I have that to look forward to. This year, however, I am lucky to have quite a few little events, rendezvous, and celebrations on the calendar so here's to hoping that the month flies by.

  • Miss Julie Rosing will be ringing in her 22nd birthday on the 7th so we're counting on the following weekend to include a night of champagne and general debauchery for that the classiest way possible of course.
  • Miss Betsy Phillips will (cross my fingers) be gracing us with her presence at some point this month and needless to say, she brings a little Athens attitude with her and ensures an entertaining weekend.
  • My birthday is the 18th so I'm heading up to the hot spot of N-K-Y for a fun little shindig with Jim and Marsh, which will probably include some gifts and dinner...can't complain about that! It's amazing how it actually becomes fun to hang out with Mom and Dad when you get older.
  • Miss Bekah Wallace is celebrating her last months as a bachelorette and has invited us to Chicago on the 19th and 20th (my 23rd birthday weekend!) to join in on some "single ladies" festivities. And hey, I'm not mad about doing a little combo bachelorette/birthday partying in a much cooler city than Lexington. 
  • On top of it all, Wesley Ray is playing the role of super boyfriend and made a plan for a valentines/birthday dinner at Jean Farris Winery on the 13th. Turns out, he actually pays attention! I really am quite excited to eat yummy food and wine and totally and completely cheat on my diet with my favorite guy. 
SHEW, even typing all of that seems like a lot! I'm putting money on this month being a great February. Thanks friends and fam for keeping me busy!