Monday, February 14, 2011

we never miss a beat

This one goes out to my shlong-john girls. Grab a fried pickle and enjoy ;)

Betsy came to see us in Lexington this weekend and as always, it felt like she never left. I've said it before but I'll say it know you've got a true friend when you don't live in the same city, don't have to talk every single day, but can get together every few months and pick up RIGHT where you left off. It's the real deal and I'm lucky to have that.

Sooo basically, we were a "blast in a glass" together this weekend and couldn't seem to get to bed before 5 a.m. any night. It was worth every tired minute. I'm so looking forward to our next rendezvous which is conveniently happening in less than a month. We'll be heading down to Atlanta to spend a weekend with Betsy at her mom's place and hopefullyyyyy get in on some of the SEC tournament action while were there...BONUS!

Speaking of basketball, UK is really stressing me out. We better win the rest of the games on our schedule or I might have some sort of panic attack. I still love them. I still have faith. And boy do I love me some Doron Lamb and Brandon Knight. But, they're driving me crazy! Speaking of crazy, were having a Jorts party during the game on senior night. Get pumped and buy yourself some jorts, denim vests, denim gloves, a headband...whatever it takes...and come celebrate Josh Harrellson's career at UK ;) You're invited.

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