Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Happy February everyone! It's the month of ice, snow, groundhogs, love, and of course - the biggest holiday event of the year...February 18th.

February is like this irritating buffer between winter and spring for this part of the country. It's the shortest month of the year but most people I know spend it eagerly counting down the days until March arrives. Fortunately for me it's my birthday month so at least I have that to look forward to. This year, however, I am lucky to have quite a few little events, rendezvous, and celebrations on the calendar so here's to hoping that the month flies by.

  • Miss Julie Rosing will be ringing in her 22nd birthday on the 7th so we're counting on the following weekend to include a night of champagne and general debauchery for that the classiest way possible of course.
  • Miss Betsy Phillips will (cross my fingers) be gracing us with her presence at some point this month and needless to say, she brings a little Athens attitude with her and ensures an entertaining weekend.
  • My birthday is the 18th so I'm heading up to the hot spot of N-K-Y for a fun little shindig with Jim and Marsh, which will probably include some gifts and dinner...can't complain about that! It's amazing how it actually becomes fun to hang out with Mom and Dad when you get older.
  • Miss Bekah Wallace is celebrating her last months as a bachelorette and has invited us to Chicago on the 19th and 20th (my 23rd birthday weekend!) to join in on some "single ladies" festivities. And hey, I'm not mad about doing a little combo bachelorette/birthday partying in a much cooler city than Lexington. 
  • On top of it all, Wesley Ray is playing the role of super boyfriend and made a plan for a valentines/birthday dinner at Jean Farris Winery on the 13th. Turns out, he actually pays attention! I really am quite excited to eat yummy food and wine and totally and completely cheat on my diet with my favorite guy. 
SHEW, even typing all of that seems like a lot! I'm putting money on this month being a great February. Thanks friends and fam for keeping me busy!

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