Wednesday, February 9, 2011

and i'm bringing it to me all day long...

So, turns out, sometimes the job opportunities come to you! I got a bit of good news yesterday sooo I'm going to share :)

I applied for a development manager position at a local non-profit here in Lexington (that I won't name because I think I jinx myself) a while back. It was one of many many positions I've applied for that I figured I wasn't quiiiiite qualified for but I sent my resume along anyway. Regardless, I received an email back saying that they decided to restructure the organization and change some of their positions around and decided not to hire someone afterall. I didn't think much of it, right? Welllllll...yesterday I got an email from the same organization saying that they were now hiring for an administrative/assistant type position. They had saved my resume and contact info because it stood out and they wanted to know if I'd be interested in talking about this new position! Well, duh. Of course! So I emailed them back and said yesssssss. An hour later I got a phone call from their C.O.O and we spoke about the position and other little interview-ish things. She said she wasn't planning on deciding right there but that she already knew she really liked me and definitely wanted to do another interview :) I'm very flattered and excited about it. I'm not counting on anything...'cause Lord knows I've had quite the rollercoaster on this job search but I'm just happy that I actually impressed them enough to pursue ME for a change! YAY! Send your prayers, love, and luck my way guys!

Update: My interview went very very well! However, she warned me that they have a lot of applicants to choose from and that she really liked a lot of people. Eek.

Update #2: I was chosen for a second (and final) interview that will be either March 17th or 18th. I was told they were only doing second interviews with a few people so I hope I can stand out!! Amp up those prayers and good vibes friends :) This could potentially be a life-changer.

Update #3: No word from them.  Either they changed their minds about hiring or went with someone with more experience.  Guess we'll never know.  MOVIN ON!

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