Monday, February 28, 2011

lets pretend its sunday

For the sake of argument, lets pretend its Sunday. And also that I didn't take my boyfriend's cold, turn it up about 12 notches and take it for a ride. Lets just pretend for a minute...'cause I'd rather live in that world right now. So, you ask, what did I learn this week? This week I learned that colds are contagious. I wish I didn't just type that. But I gotta be honest, that was the big moment of this week. I knew Wes was sick. I could hear it in his voice. I watched the kid gag on throat-numbing spray. I knew he had been popping ibuprofen like candy. I heard the complaints. But, did I refrain from kissing him goodnight? No. Did I wash my hands more? Nahh. Did I use lysol in my room or bathroom after he touched things in my house? Nein. Did I carry a bottle of hand sanitizer with me for extra precaution. Because apparently I forget that my immune system is a dirty whore and likes to pick everything up. And because I must secretly love to be sick. That has to be it. I have no sense. So there it is. Theres my lesson...that I've learned the hard way about 608,723 times in my life. I got sick and I deserve it and I learned that I'm stupid. I will approach germs more cautiously in the future. And thats a promise.

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