Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's FALL Y'all!

Were you hoping for another post about pumpkins? Perfect...
Chris invited me to go with him to Boyd Orchard Monday afternoon because he had the day off work.  Love when he thinks of fun daytime dates!  
We browsed through the store buying things like local honey (me), onion ring batter (him), carmel apples (me), potato soup mix (me), fried chicken something-or-other (him), chili (him), etc.  
Then we walked through the pumpkin patch comparing sizes and shapes of pumpkins like the experts we aren't.  
Both of us realized we hadn't been to a pumpkin patch in at least 10 years.  I was quickly reminded of that when we were the only adults there without children. YOLO people.  
Finally, we each found a pumpkin worth taking home.
Mine was perfectly round and symmetrical with a good stem for carrying.  His was 1 pound bigger than mine (because he's the most competitive boy on the planet) and oblong.
Opposites attract!?
We grabbed a yummy burger at Hugh Jass and headed to his house to carve away.  
We both got really excited when we found our carving patterns online.
Here is the before and after:

This is my version of making a political statement.  Chris chose to show off his misguided fanhood by carving the script Louisville "L".  Bless his heart - he wasn't born with Kentucky blue blood running through his veins.  (can you say house divided??)
Regardless, it was a really fun day with my favorite boy and there was only 1 casualty...

JUST KIDDING! We also bought vampire blood for absolutely no reason at all.
OOoohhhhhhh. So scary.

This weekend were going to a costume party at a friend's house.
I was just made aware of this plan today (WEDNESDAY!) so I don't have a costume together yet.
I'm thinking I either want to be Katniss from the Hunger Games
Tanning Mom.

I'm obsessed with HG and I already own combat boots so Katniss would be easy and I'd feel like a badass.
However I also own a jankity old blonde wig and lots of tanning lotion and Tanning Mom would be easy, culturally relevant, and funny.

What to do? What to do? Help!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Pretty pumpkins

It's Monday.  I'm catching up on work that I needed to do Friday but Lexington was under an internet outtage. An outtage. Like...did we run out of internet as a city?  Mercy!  So as with most Mondays...I'm just trying to get through.  Instead of yammering on about that I'll share a little project I completed on Friday afternoon :)

I bought a few baby pumpkins the other day and since I can't leave anything in it's original condition...I painted them.  I've been seeing these adorable painted pumps all over Pinterest so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

I decided to do a polka dot design first using my Martha Stewart Gold Glitter paint and paint sponge.

Pretty self explanatory.  I evenly distributed the dots around the pumpkin and then cleaned up any drips as it was drying.  So easy!

Next I thought I'd do a chevron-ish zig zag pattern in white so I grabbed a bottle of basic white acrylic paint and a medium width brush (about 1 inch) and went for it!  Now, if I had more time I would have used painter's tape to create the pattern - but this was a quick project so I decided to free-hand the design.  I did the thick zig zag first and the smaller one second.  I used the smaller brush to clean up the edges :)


Would you be surprised to know that I want to buy about 10 more and decorate them all?  No, you wouldnt?  Okay then!

I'm supposed to carve pumpkins with the boyfriend this week.  What should I carve?  UK themed?  Scary?  My initials?  What do you think?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

30 before 30

Hello my darlings. per usual...I'm only posting a few times a month. At least I'm consistent in my inconsistency!?

So I was looking for inspiration and I thought I'd take some ideas from my fellow bloggers. Allow me to introduce you to my 30 Things To Do Before I'm 30.  I'll be honest with you...I'm 24 and I don't really think about the big 3-0 very much.  But as I was writing this I thought, "I need to get on it!" And that sent me into a mini freak out...until I was thoroughly distracted by the Dr. Drew update with Amber from Teen Mom from prison.  Thanks, MTV.  Back to the list:

30 before 30 (in no particular order)

  1. Visit Europe
  2. Take a beach vacation with my best girls
  3. Get engaged (I hope!)
  4. Land a career that I am passionate about (non-profit pretty please)
  5. Buy my own car
  6. Do the Kentucky Bourbon Trail
  7. Visit Las Vegas
  8. Visit Washington, DC
  9. Run a 5K
  10. Read the whole Bible
  11. Become a member of a church
  12. Spend New Years Eve in NYC
  13. Learn more about horse racing
  14. Learn how to research/write/apply for grants (get certified)
  15. Visit Harry Potter World
  16. Raise $500 for a non-profit organization
  17. Master the smoky eye
  18. Meet a famous person
  19. Go to a live taping of a talk show
  20. Buy myself a designer handbag (as a reward for reaching a major goal)
  21. Get a facial
  22. Go to a farmers market
  23. Plan/execute a major event
  24. Do something special for Dad and Mom’s 60th birthdays
  25. Live in the same house for more than 1 year
  26. Stop being late all the time. Oops!
  27. Give something up for Lent
  28. Learn to like sushi
  29. Read 5-10 books a year
  30. Get to know myself better!
 I should probably add #31. Stop watching shows completely centered around teenagers (a la....Teen Mom, Gossip Girl, Laguna Beach)

So what about y'all?  Do you have a list like this?  Any major things I missed?  Am I totally shallow for the handbag goal?