Wednesday, October 10, 2012

30 before 30

Hello my darlings. per usual...I'm only posting a few times a month. At least I'm consistent in my inconsistency!?

So I was looking for inspiration and I thought I'd take some ideas from my fellow bloggers. Allow me to introduce you to my 30 Things To Do Before I'm 30.  I'll be honest with you...I'm 24 and I don't really think about the big 3-0 very much.  But as I was writing this I thought, "I need to get on it!" And that sent me into a mini freak out...until I was thoroughly distracted by the Dr. Drew update with Amber from Teen Mom from prison.  Thanks, MTV.  Back to the list:

30 before 30 (in no particular order)

  1. Visit Europe
  2. Take a beach vacation with my best girls
  3. Get engaged (I hope!)
  4. Land a career that I am passionate about (non-profit pretty please)
  5. Buy my own car
  6. Do the Kentucky Bourbon Trail
  7. Visit Las Vegas
  8. Visit Washington, DC
  9. Run a 5K
  10. Read the whole Bible
  11. Become a member of a church
  12. Spend New Years Eve in NYC
  13. Learn more about horse racing
  14. Learn how to research/write/apply for grants (get certified)
  15. Visit Harry Potter World
  16. Raise $500 for a non-profit organization
  17. Master the smoky eye
  18. Meet a famous person
  19. Go to a live taping of a talk show
  20. Buy myself a designer handbag (as a reward for reaching a major goal)
  21. Get a facial
  22. Go to a farmers market
  23. Plan/execute a major event
  24. Do something special for Dad and Mom’s 60th birthdays
  25. Live in the same house for more than 1 year
  26. Stop being late all the time. Oops!
  27. Give something up for Lent
  28. Learn to like sushi
  29. Read 5-10 books a year
  30. Get to know myself better!
 I should probably add #31. Stop watching shows completely centered around teenagers (a la....Teen Mom, Gossip Girl, Laguna Beach)

So what about y'all?  Do you have a list like this?  Any major things I missed?  Am I totally shallow for the handbag goal?  

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