Wednesday, February 23, 2011

weirdo wednesday

I only had 1 day to muster up some funky facebook moments but here's what I discovered:

Where to begin? 
a) who exactly is doing this?
b) when you say "chicks" you mean that more than 1 girl has done this?
c) get some new friends
d) last week you had a status on facebook about interviewing for some kick-ass job...i hate you.
e) you need some new pet peeves

a) you used shennanigans in your status. go you.
b) you eat those grapes boiiii
c) all the love to you

a) i love that you assume that these women are "trying" to be redneck
b) such a gay man status
c) does this only apply to 3 year olds? do you hate dirty women who scream at me in walmart too?

Okay, time to go work on my fitness and watch my damn basketball team try not to embarass me. Hope you enjoyed the first official weirdo wednesdayyyyy

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