Monday, August 9, 2010

Show Me The Money...well, kind of...

I got a job in sales. It's in Lexington. It pays me. And I get to be out of the office a lot. I'm glad that the search is over (for now). It's not totally my dream job (ahem, salary-wise) but it's a good start and I can't be picky right now. Annnnd I shant disclose anymore information as I am now a "professional". Well okay, lets get real...I may have to give the occasional anecdote from the office. Maybe. Possibly. Probably. Most likely. Like tomorrow. Anyway, I just had my first day today and I do have to say - any job that gets me home after 3 hours on the first day is a winner. I walked in the door just in time for Intervention on A&E, thank God. Speaking of which, DVR probably needs to be added to my life. Yep. It's time for this girl to hitch a ride on the train...or, I guess...hybrid to 2010. I already get hell for my ancient technology collection; phone, dvd player, tv, laptop, iPod, etc. so maybe I can surprise the pants off my friends and actually give into this century. However, I do like to remind the naysayers that having such old (and I like to mention, mostly working) crap is like a big F*** YOU to any criminals/muggers/robbers/hobos/crazies that wanna snag my swag. What's the pawn shop dude gonna give you for a 5 year old iPod and a TV with a VHS player in it? I would guess about 1 Canadian nickel and a cold shoulder. You heard it here first Lexington robbers...try to come steal my big box barely fits through the door.

In other news, I've been reading the Harry Potter series. Right, so my reputation for being stuck in the past is not improving with that sentence. Regardless, since it is 1998 in my world I thought I'd give good ol' J.K. Rowling a try. And I have to say, she's damn good. But the problem with reading Harry Potter is the dreams that have been added to my repertoire. I don't have time (well I do, but I don't care) to give all the details but I'll leave you with a list of what's shown up in my dreams as of late...

- Dragons
- lots of beards
- ice
- Swedish or Dutch or Norwegian people (can't tell)
- a hammer
- polka dots
- adoption
- purple drugs
- stuff about eyebrows

Psh, combine those anyway you's been real

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