Tuesday, March 15, 2011

roses are red, violets are blue, kentucky is #WINNING, and florida's a 2???

Happy 2:27 a.m. to you. This is my prime time for blogging.
So I want to tell you about my weekend, 'cause I feel like I earned some street cred these past few days, especially with the BBN (big blue nation). But, J already did that. Please refer here. Pop on over and read it. It's a very appropriate and, might I add, extremely witty play-by-play of our days in Catlanta.

Oh, welcome back. Now that you know what I've been up to lets talk about some things.
I need your help.
My hair is a disaster as a result of no longer working at a salon and...no longer working at all. 
Anyone have thoughts or advice on coloring your hair at home? I've never colored my hair myself but it's a pretty classic rich chocolatey brunette color so...it can't be that hard, right? 
Also, since I haven't had a hair cut since early December my bangs are participating in a disappearing act into the rest of my hair. But, maybe it's meant to be? I'm thinking of growing out my bangs and embracing the middle part...or as my friends and I affectionately call it, "the butt part". Thoughts/advice there kiddos?
It's time for a change. Whaddya think?
Mine would kinda look like this...

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