Thursday, March 17, 2011

is it horrible or is it fantastic?

I'm watching Kaitlin Olson, the actress that plays Dee on Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, 
on Conan right now. 
Which, if you haven't watched It's Always Sunny yet, get your weird on and take a peek.
This is the best advice you've gotten from me to date, btw.
Anywho, she is responsible for my post title...
Onto weird Wednesday sightings on el booko de faces-o.
Here goes it!

It probably doesn't need to be said buuuuut this guy is a "DJ" in Cincinnati. His statuses (stati?) are always trying to rally people to come watch him "perform" at some horribly named club like "The Black Vixen Lounge" or "Club Lick" or something ridiculous. Apparently in his line of work, ear bleeding is a sign of success. I half wanted to go when he said he had the power to make my calories disintegrate...but I'd rather listen to Jillian Michaels bitch at me for an hour than be subjected to your expertise on "house music". Regardless, everyone in NKY and specifically my high school thinks they're a DJ. Such lies. So sad.

Shewww doggie, we're getting a fine sampling of my high school peers tonight! This girl went to my high school...apparently. I don't remember. But, I barely remember myself in high school so that's not saying much. My favorite part of this is a) I have NO idea what it means and b) facebook puts favorite quotes under "philosophy." C'mon Zuckerberg...

Ahhh, sorority sisters embarassing each other online. Gotta love it. This is actually funny though. I totally would have done this to Julie back in '08. Oh wait, who am I kidding? If any of my friends said stuff this dumb and I had a smartphone to immediately document it...I would do it today.

Gay man status. Love it. Love the comments. Love the assumed inuendo. Oh the hilarity. The end.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Hopefully a green beer is in my our future. 

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  1. yes, i am reading your blog at 5:22 am. thank god you don't have a smart phone.