Thursday, March 10, 2011

look of the week

Since I've been barricading myself in my room trying to get rid of this cold and now strep throat (yeah, apparently my immune system decided to let strep walk right on in to make things interesting) I haven't worn an actual outfit I think? And I haven't seen very many people or even my roommates enough to appreciate anything cute they're wearing. REGARDLESS, I have been reading lots and lots and lots (get it?) of fashion blogs so I did stumble upon a really chic/casual/realistic outfit on Gypsy-Diaries and I thought I would share. This girl definitely has a better sense of style and a more mature and educated view on fashion than little ol' me but I saw this 70's inspired outfit and thought, "I could do that!" which is always a nice surprise and departure from the usual "holy cow where did that girl find black leather leggings with diamond cutouts, 8 inch peep toe studded wedge booties, a sheer oversized magenta pink button up, lace bra top that somehow doesn't scream 'street corner', and a perfectly tailored yet fashion-forward leather handbag with tassles and the right amount of buckles, annnnd the most amazing shade of lipstick of all time?" Anyway, I'm really loving this whole 70's comeback that's going on in spring/summer fashion right now. I can not express my obsession with and appreciation for the wide-leg, high waisted jean that is making it's appearance on all the racks. THANK YOU to the fashion gods from a girl who needs all the help she can get making her legs look long and lean :) I also really dig the floppy hat, bohemian inspired belt, and I imagine some wooden clogs or wedges under those hems. Love love love. Hope you enjoy! Thats my look of the week!

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  1. :DDDD Thank you so much I´m really glad you liked it! :D
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