Monday, February 4, 2013

Girl You Look So Fly

I don't know what it is but airplanes always always make me feel like a bag of poo.
Yes I just said bag of poo on my blog. So what?
All those strangers huddled together breathing recycled air and leaving their grubby hand prints on everything...ick.
Yet despite these horrid conditions, I still think it's necessary to look and feel my best.
As if looking stylish might scare away the germs.
Recently I spent a hefty 4 hours flyin out to Utah for one last work trip.
It was freezing in Kentucky and freezing in Utah so I didn't need to worry about changing weather.
Which is good because I kinda despise layering.
But I was determined to look fly while flyin (that was bad, I know).

My top priorities: 
1. comfort/nap-capable
2. easy-on-easy-off shoes
3. on trend (I mean I was traveling out there during Sundance...what if I ran into Bradley Cooper or Leighton Meester and missed my chance at becoming their new wife or best friend because I looked shabby?!)
4. ready to wear to dinner (just in case my coworkers decided to be really considerate and ask me to come straight to a restaurant from the plane)

So here's what I came up with. Yes the accessories were a hassle taking off when going through security but I needed my arm candy.

What do yall wear when traveling? What is your go-to comfort/chic outfit? 


  1. I always carry a small jacket or scarf. Sometimes it gets so cold on the plane. But I never wear buns anymore even tho they are adorable! Mine always get frisked & it ends with me in the bathroom trying to fix it & get called over the loud speakers almost missing my flight! Hah! #truestory

  2. Totally agree on the scarf/jacket situation! I wore a leopard infinity scarf on this trip. And okay...confession time...I took out the bun before I made it to the airport. I started worrying that it would get in the way of napping ;)

    PS - I laughed out loud at your bun/bathroom fiasco. I always wonder what people are doing when they get called over the speaker. Would have LOVED to see you running down the terminal bobby pins flyin. haha!