Wednesday, December 1, 2010

not patient. not even a little bit.

Dear job god/fairy,

I really really really want to hear back from one of these companies. Even better, I NEED it. First of all, I need to do something with my life. And secondly, I need money so I don't have to rely on my parents anymore. I'm almost 23. This is getting out of hand!! I applied for another job today so I'm not giving up no matter what happens. But I would absolutely love to get 1 of the 3 jobs I interviewed for before Thanksgiving. All 3 of them would be great fits for me so please please please let me have just 1? Just 1 little job in Lexington? I've said all my best prayers and I've been trying really hard. So...I think it's my turn to get a job. Please? I'll  keep it for a long time and do my best. Think about it. Thanks!



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