Saturday, December 11, 2010

not so tech-savvy afterall.

Until approximtely 30 seconds ago I had absolutely no earthly idea that anyone had ever commented on my blog! Apparently I'm so accustomed to facebook's red alarm-y notifications that I neglected to learn how to maneuver blogger's style. Shame on me. So, let me start by saying - I LOVE YOU INGRID! And I particularly enjoyed our chat's always one of the brightest parts of my day. (how's that for some mushy-ness?) And to the others that commented about Constant Comment Tea...all I can say is mmm mmm mmm :) I'm glad it brings a smile to your faces too. I virtually toast you with my favorite teacup (mine looks like the one in the picture...with a letter M of course)!

What I came to write about tonight, however, was the fact that I found 2 absolutely adorable and inspiring websites/blogs tonight while I was babysitting (after Max was snoozing away of course). AND I AM IN LOVE! These people are genius. Let me share:

Making It Lovely

Young House Love

I dare you to not get lost looking at their pictures and tips on decorating, painting, being thrifty, and living brighter and better. SO FUN! Can I please be this fabulous some day? Please?

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