Tuesday, December 14, 2010

my own show.

Cant ya jus pikcha it?
Let's all take a moment and think about me. Yes...sit back, relax, and enjoy your thoughts.

Okay, I'm kidding. Don't do that. That's weird. Stop. But I do have a proposal about my life. And you should go tell someone so I can get rich and famous. Thanks.

The fact of the matter is...it's high time I get my own show. There are reality shows about fatties, bad girls, junkies, "models", bounty hunters, chefs, bridezillas, and...well, you've watched tv in the past 10 years so you know. And I hate all of it. But I love all of it. Ya feel me? Is it completely addicting? Yes. Entertaining? Fairly. Genius? Probably. But it's just a bunch of bullshit. So I figure...my friends and our boyfriends and families have what it takes - our lives are the exact mixture of totally normal and completely whacked so people would eat that shit uppppp. I mean between us we have a teacher, a few wannabe lawyers, a couple unemployed bums, several screwed up relationships, a crazy ex-friend whose lost her mind and dates what we believe to be a homosexual, a 23 year old bed-wetter, lots of biddies in town who don't like us NO MO (including a ginger), a few hippie-doodles fond of the herb, crazy step-parents, lots of nearly empty bank accounts, some questionable wine addictions, like 12 sets of twins, many many frat "bros", a cop, a genetically deformed dog, an overall unhealthy and bizarre obsession with our alma maters basketball team, a rampant history of being robbed, and a clear disregard for what people think of ANY of us. WHO WOULDN'T WATCH THAT SHOW? C'mon. And it's all happening in a random southern college town with it's own set of pros and cons that make for an interesting way of livin'. Soooo...can't wait to hear from MTV when they realize what they're missing. I'm gonna hold out for the lead role of course, which will lead to the biggest payout. Looks like I can stop that job search...

I'm waiting MTV...


  1. Well now I am officially a follower of your blog. It's about darn time, since I read this thing greedily like an issue of Cosmo every time that I get on facebook and find that you have a new post! Somehow though, this little gem slipped my vision and I am just now reading it almost a month later. Needless to say, "My Own Show" is my favorite post EVER. I could read this "all day, every day". The picture is one of my all-time favorites. If that dumb girl Liz can have her own show about her dumb life, then we can surely snag a dumb show about ours. Okay, I guess that's all for now.
    P.S. your blog makes me want to have my own blog, but I know I would just copy your genius ideas.

  2. yessss! i feel accomplished having you as a follower. and i'm glad you support this post because i believe in it wholeheartedly. it will happen soon enough. if KSR can find us...so can MTV. i think you should make your own blog RIGHT NOW. i would eat that up. you're the english major and the one with all the good stories...just do it.