Monday, December 6, 2010

For Ren & Jibbles

Lauren said I haven't written enough funny/entertaining/happy things lately. So I'm gonna try to liven up your lives in the next few entries. YIPPPEEEE.

One of my favorite websites is and they've teamed up with The Looks For Less website (another gem) to do this really fun, creative contest. And, well, since I have a lot of tiiiiimmmmeee, I'm entering it. I've created 2 looks for the contest and if I win, I get a dress from Lulus. Yay!

Also, a few inches of snow found their way to Lexington Kentucky and inspired the women of the very luxurious Grand Reserve Apartments to THROW A CHRISTMAS PARTY! CALL PAGE SIX! THIS BABY IS GONNA BE OFF THE HOOK! (It might even qualify to be "GUCCI") So, the apartment is decorated and waiting for it's very first social event. This is a lot like the time we took the Blazer to Keeneland. I'm just hoping it goes as well. We're crossing our fingers that at least 10 people show up. I mean - since each of us only has about 5 friends (and most of those overlap) we're a little apprehensive about how many ladies and gents will be making an appearance. Just kidding, we're super popular, duh. Sarcasm aside, Lauren will have completed the LSAT for the last time, Samantha will be celebrating having another week of dealing with Trent and Charles under her belt, and I'm unemployed and have no life so I love any opportunity to do something besides sit on the couch....sooooo even if nobody shows up besides Julie, Tommy, and a few other stragglers...we'll still have the night of our lives. The plan is to get our hands on a keg (we got kuh-neck-shuns) and rage. Hope you can make it. Well, not you Mom ;) MERRY CHRISTMAS!

- how'd you like that one, Ren?

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