Tuesday, July 26, 2011

challenge accepted!

If I could spend my whole day searching for DIY projects, craft inspirations, and decor ideas...I would.
Oh wait.
I do that.
With work spread intermittenly throughout the day! I promise!
So today I was virtually challenged by the wonderful gal from Young House Love to actually create something I've pinned on Pinterest.
And whadyaknow?
I already did that today!
Here's the original post that I pinned...

And here's my version! Challenge accepted and completed.

Now it's onto the next project.
I love Pinterest.
But I'm just as guilty as anyone of pinning things and never doing them!
So my mood board is posted up in my room and I'm ready to tackle the projects I found.
Thanks for the challenge girls. 
Can't wait to get crafty.

1 comment:

  1. that pillow is SO cute! I would love to see a tutorial! cute blog :) have a great weekend!