Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Okay, the appreciation/love train will certainly get back on course soon and more letters to my loves will appear. However, I can't be mushy, sappy, sentimental Meghan every day. Get real. I'd start to become unrecognizable. So, while watching incessant election coverage for the last 3 hours I have also been obsessing (shock) over my dream home. Maybe all this "Republicans will help you get a job" talk has got me thinking that in fact one day I will actually have a career and...knock on own money! What a novelty. So... I'm going to share some pictures of what my dream bedroom (and house) would look like if I had an unlimited budget and unlimited time to decorate and create.

I mean...hel-lo. Could you just die? Now I just have to buy my own place before I get married so I can be obsessively and wonderfully indulged in the most feminine, ruffled, sparkled, cozy, chic kind of decor imaginable. Oh, a girly girl's dream! I swear to you...I'm utterly convinced that the coolest occupations are still A) personal trainer and B) interior decorator. I really should have thought about this before college, right? However, I am a card-carrying member of the unlimited time club. Yeah, that's what I'm calling it now. Get over it. So maybe I should start crusin' the yard sales and second-hand stores for some gems and spruce 'em up for a couple pennies. Though...if I really fell in love with something I could probably never sell it! Ohhh so many ideas and no clue what to do. Isn't being a 20-something fun????

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  1. you and i have the same night stand in mind:) maybe one day we can have to houses next door to one another. brad and wes can be roommates in one and we can live in the other. ours will be pretty and theirs will be, well, probably pretty crappy because they are boys.