Friday, October 29, 2010

lucky girl.

Over the years and throughout many friendships I've realized that I am unintentionally the biggest mimic in the world. From hand gestures to pronunciations of words, from phrases to accents...I continually pick up the mannerisms and quirks of my family and friends and adopt them into my own little persona. I'd like to think I do it subconsciously because I get to know people so well that I start to become more like them. I'm just that good of a friend. But, in all honesty I think it's just part of my inherent personality. Regardless, what I've realized lately is that I should put this tendency to good use. I'm amazed, every single day, by the people that allow me to be part of their lives. My friends. My boyfriend. My family. I'm not the type of person that knows everyone and has a million acquaintances and never meets a stranger and charms every person I come into contact with. But, I've come to be extremely loyal and connected to the few men and women who are closest to me and I wouldn't have it any other way. My point of all this is to say that I am impressed, humbled, touched, inspired, and strengthened by those in my life and I would LOVE to become a little more like each of them...beyond their hand gestures or token phrases. So...this is an open letter to the loves of my life :) The next several entries of my blog are going to be dedicated to these individuals.

Today...2 of my girls.

You are without a doubt the most positive and cheerful person I've ever met. Your ability to see the good in people and never judge or make assumptions about anyone before you get to know them is incredible. You are a bundle of energy and you can always lighten the mood and liven our spirits. I admire your quiet strength and your knack for bouncing back from any discouraging situation. Your faith shines through you and I am inspired every time you say you're going to pray harder for someone, especially when they've hurt you. Your passion for teaching is so rare and special and I know it will take you far and allow you to influence your students in ways you can't imagine. You are definitely not a mimic. You are such an individual and you don't get carried away with impressing others and worrying about what others think about you...even when you're dancing ;) People are drawn to your charisma, your laugh, your curiousity, your optimism, and your hot bod (just kidding. but you are beautissimo). I don't think anyone could ever say a bad thing about you and truly mean it. You're a gem, kiddo. I couldn't ask for a better friend/roommate and I am blessed to have you in my life...and hopefully for many many more years to come. Love you.

You are the ultimate best friend. You are loyal and invested in every relationship you have. It is genuinely clear that you care deeply about all of your friends and family. I have been lucky enough to have you by my side during the toughest of times and you have this amazing gift for listening and understanding. I love your sensitivity. I'll probably always razz ya for it but I hope you never lose that quality. It is what creates this empathy in you that I cherish so much. Not only are you there during the rough spots, but you are also the light in the room and the party when there's no party. People want to know what you're doing and where you're going. You have a magnetic personality...and it really boosts my social life. (just kidding...kinda) You have the best memory in the world and it kind of freaks me out but I appreciate it more than you know ;) Your story-telling ability is unparalleled. I could listen to you tell the same story 20 times and laugh every single time. You are innocent and wise at the same time. Your intelligence is humbling and if I ever go on Who Wants to Be a are one of my lifelines. I couldn't have gotten through the ups and downs of college without you and I know that through each phase of our lives we'll be together...celebrating each triumph and pulling through each challenge. 'Cause afterall...our parents frequented the same bars before we even it's meant to be! Love you.

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