Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I went to California.
I went to Seattle.
Both great trips with great hostesses :)
Came back to Lexington.
Celebrated Jaclyn's 21st birthday...finally! She was making me feel old.
Worked the World Equestrian Games for Dubarry of Ireland for 7 days.
Hoping to see that $700 or $800 sooner rather than later.
'Cause...I'm broke.
Completely and utterly.
Can't pay for anything in life.
Living off my parents and my boyfriend.
Now it's back on the job hunt.
Applied for about 5 jobs this week. Yee...freaking...haw.
There's not much out there right now...and that's even less than usual.
But I'm hopeful that something comes around after the first of the year at the very least.
Or I'm pretending to be hopeful?
Maybe 2011 is my year. Someone cross their fingers for me.
Babysitting Thursday night so I can enjoy my weekend at Keeneland and tailgating for the UK/USC game. Horse racing and beer. I do love this town.

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