Friday, November 12, 2010

meghan's favorite things

I noticed today that Whoopi was going to have "Whoopi's favorite things" on The View at some point. This is not only irritating to me because I don't like her opinions on basically anything that has ever stumbled out of her mouth (and because she's never going to be Oprah)...but also because I'm sure no one on earth wants to hear her talk about how much she loves muumuus, man clothes, hello kitty socks, Obama, the color black, not being funny, not washing her hair, and bitchin'. NOT OKAY. In the spirit of this recent development...let me welcome you aboard Meghan's Favorite Things List. Because I honestly believe that more people will be entertained by my list then that crazy lady on ABC. Here goes nothin'...

(in no particular order)

1) Good reality tv about crazy people (Intervention, Hoarders, The Buried Life, Teen Mom)
2) Graeters Ice Cream (I may be biased since my Dad works for Graeters...but there really is no question that it's the best icecream ever made)
3) Guys dressing like girls. It's almost always funny...unless the guy is serious.
4) Boots. All kinds...all the time.
6) This color...
8) B. Makowsky handbags
9) Inside jokes. You know you love it.
10) Christmas. It's the only good thing that happens in the winter. Especially when you live in Ohio or Kentucky.
11) Tailgating for college football games.
12) Parents gettin' their drink on. Hilarious.
13) Nike shorts. The most comfortable things ever made.
14) Having all of your laundry done. It only lasts for a few hours but it's quite the rush.
15) V-neck tshirts. (especially from American Apparel)
16) Flying. (the airplane kind)
17) Clean sheets.
18) Keeneland.
19) Charleston, SC. (yes, the whole town)
20) NYC at Christmas.
21) Constant Comment Tea.
22) Sarcasm.
23) People-watching.
24) Finding the perfect profile picture on Facebook. Don't lie to love when it happens.
25) Music that literally gives me chills.
26) Cheese. Uh huh.
27) Having 3 minutes left in a workout/the feeling I get right after I finish a workout.
28) A really good hug.
29) US Weekly. It's a guilty pleasure and I embrace it.
30) Spa Pedicures.

That's it for now. I wanted to get to 50 but it's a work in progress.  Good enough...


  1. Funny, we both mentioned Constant Comment in our posts today. (Well, mine was a bit more than a mention... I probably should have done it your way and stuck with a list.) Anyhoo, just thought it was funny that we both found it blog worthy.

  2. Yay for #21! We are so happy that you enjoy Constant Comment tea enough to put it on your list of favorite things! Thanks for sharing.
    -Deb for Bigelow Tea