Monday, August 20, 2012

What I'm Loving

Hope everyone made it through another Monday and for those starting back to school (as teachers, students, grad students, etc.) good luck and...may the odds be ever in your favor ;)

Sometimes on Mondays you just need to think about who/what you love.  So I'm going to share the current "loves" of my life here!

I LOVE my new iphone case from the Etsy store Frog Eyes and Corn Teeth and I cannot wait to get it in the mail and pop it onto my little apple machine.

I LOVE the color grey (and spelling it with an 'e').  I'm obsessed y'all.  I encouraged my boyfriend to get not 1 but 2 pairs of grey pants.  I decorated my living room with grey accents. I want a grey handbag for the fall.  I want to dye my hair grey.  Just kidding.  But I think it's awesome, baby, and I plan on surrounding myself with it for the next few months. 

I LOVE my pretty necklace from one of my favorite new blogs Lex What Wear.  The site just launched this month and it is adorable!  I was lucky enough to win a fantastic bauble necklace in their first giveaway.  So excited to wear it this week.

I LOVE that I won an 8X10 canvas print from Easy Canvas Prints from another fabulous Kentucky blog, Our Fifth House.  I think I've had a little string of good luck...and I'm not mad about it!  Now I just have to decide what I should get printed. Hmm...suggestions?

I LOVE the bouqet of lilies my boyfriend got me for no reason on Thursday.  They are my favorite flower :)  He also made us dinner that night.  I think he's a keeper!  They've bloomed a bit more since I took this on Friday but I'm too lazy and worn out from Pure Barre to walk the 7.5 feet to my kitchen and retake this picture. lazybloggerprobz 

I LOVE MTV for their Laguna Beach Marathons.  Bringing me back to the days of Ste-Ven, Kristen the maneater, LC and her bad luck in love, Talon in his high socks and pierced ears, Morgan the Mormon, Jessica's cleavage and palpable desperation, and the many many other hilarious California high schoolers that entertained me through my teens. I have no shame spending my mornings as a 24 year old watching episodes about prom, love triangles, spring break, and bonfires on the beach.

What are you loving lately?  Do you have an odd obsession with a bleak color, a tv show about teeny boppers, or your own good karma/luck?  Hope so!  Enjoy the rest of your weeks!


  1. I love reading posts like this- finding out what other people love. I just moved into my first apartment (I've always lived in a house) and my colour palette is grey, white, brown and accents of blue.

    I have Laguna Beach on DVD...I want to have my own marathon now!

  2. Old school Laguna Beach marathons are always the best. I wish that show would come back...

    And that bauble necklace is gorgeous!