Tuesday, August 7, 2012

All dressed up and no where to go...'til now

If you live in the south you know that the season soon upon us is not Fall, Autumn, or Back-to-school season...it's FOOTBALL season.  And yes, students and alumni from Kentucky get excited for it too.  We may not have the legendary history of an Alabama or Georgia...but we are fiercely loyal fans and we proudly march to Commonwealth stadium every Saturday to support our Wildcats.  Part of the draw of course is tailgating.  And this year my friends and I have decided to host our own tailgate.  We no longer have fraternity spots/lawns/houses to descend upon (and honestly...thank God that's over) so it's high time we setup shop on our own grassy corner and pregame like the adults we are ;)  Lucky for you, my sweet readers, I'm going to plan out loud and share my list of must-needed tailgate items.  Let us begin...

First, a tailgating tent.  A place to congregate and get out of the hot sun, cold breeze, or rain (depending on what type of crazy weather Kentucky throws at us).  Found this one at Sears for cheap!

Second, we need seating.  Fortunately I already have 3 of these babies and I think we'll be able to round up several more.  If you're looking for some of these...I hate to say it but...Walmart.


Third, a cooler.  For our super expensive beer Bud Light and mimosas! (and probably the fixings for screwdrivers, bourbon cocktails, and the like)  Found this 70 quart "xtreme" cooler from Amazon.  Yall know I would DIY this sucker.  Picture wildcat paws, blue, white, and the lyrics to our fight song...obviously.


Next up...accessories.  Well, kind of.  We consider ourselves the experts of Sips N Dips so of course the food and drinks need to look good going down.  Again I found these adorable little plates from Amazon. Perfect right?


Speaking of dips.  You honestly haven't lived until you've tried Buffalo Chicken Dip.  It is the most heavenly little dish ever to grace a tailgate.  I plan on making a lot of this over the next few months!  I imagine we'll also include mini pigs in a blanket (Julie's specialty), sausage/rotel dip and pasta salad (Samantha's specialties), fudge brownies (Grace's specialty), layered taco dip, eggbake breakfast casserole (for early games), and the list of finger food goes on and on.  Maybe we can even convince the boys to bring a portable charcoal grill for a few games!  Is it obvious that I'm excited for the food?


Now for the fashion. Obviously.  I picked up this adorable striped dress from Gap in June.  I can't wait to throw it on for a chilly noon game with brown boots. Comfortable and chic.  Doesn't get much better.

I just found this bauble necklace today from a site called Sideline Sweetie for $30.  It is exactly what I pictured for the upcoming season.  I have a similar ivory version from Francescas that I also plan on wearing a lot!


Lastly, I had to include another dress that I fell in love with from Red Dress Boutique.  Hel-lo. Get in my closet.


What else could I possibly need?

Just kidding.  Obviously this is only the beginning of what will soon become quite the list.  tables, cups, cornhole boards, music, blankets, clean up supplies, etc. etc. Event planning...even on the smallest end of the spectrum needs to be well thought out or it takes the fun out of it (if you ask me)!

Are there any tailgating items that you can't live without?  What does your setup look like?  I'd love to see what you do and hear your thoughts!

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  1. I am so excited for this!! Our little blue napkins and plates are going to rock.