Tuesday, September 7, 2010

obsession lounge

After spending the entire day in bed mindlessly watching Bravo and reading/clicking through stumbleupon, facebook, and all of my favorite fashion designers sites and blogs I have decided to share some totally meaningless obsessions that I've developed.

Rebecca Minkoff
Proenza Schouler
In the words of Rachel Zoe...these are major. If only they were in my reach...

And okay, it doesn't replace therapy but it is a completely and wonderfully perfect way to get lost in something besides my own self loathing. I can look at these beautiful clothes and read about their inspiration and picture myself wearing them in some fabulous way at some fabulous event in a fabulous city....and forget that I'm actually sitting in Lexington, unemployed, and irritated.  Call it selfish but I need this period of my life (lets call it the pissed off post-lay off period) to be bitter. I know I have good things in my life and a job isn't everything...but lets face it...when your love life or career are falling apart...then it's hard to pretend like life is rainbows, butterflies, and Mr. Rogers. I'm sure I'll get over it. I applied for 3 jobs today alone. But meanwhile, the journey ahead of me is annoying and overwhelming and before I can possibly wrap my head around it...I'm going to take my own "fall break" to get lost in fashion trends, write on this damn blog, drink red wine, practice my new recipes, and lay around like I'm a trust-fund kid with a drug habit. I need it. I need to think about nothing and when I do think about something it just has to be something that has absolutely no resemblance to my own life. Here's to hoping that in 2 weeks I won't even remember that I worked for that place.

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