Thursday, November 8, 2012


In case you didn't's almost Friday. 
Happy Dance.
I have no plans this weekend and in true old lady fashion...I'm very happy about it.
I will be watching UK pound Maryland on Friday of course. GO CATS!
The rest of the weekend will look like this:
clean, laundry, read, watch a movie, eat yummy food, drink wine, 
laugh with friends, and enjoy the 60 degree weather in November.
Party on Wayne.

But first, I have to get serious for just a moment. Uh oh!
I voted on Tuesday.
My family voted Tuesday.
My friends voted Tuesday.
Kentucky voted Tuesday.
I am so proud!
But we lost.
And in all honesty, I'm still pretty bummed and scared for the next 4 years and my job situation.
Despite my sadness and disappointment (and a bit of venting on Twitter), I've been trying to stay positive and remember that at the end of the day, my life is not my own. 
My life is God's.  
He is the King of the universe.  
He wants the best for me and my family.  
He promises to prosper me and give me hope and a future. 
He never fails.
We all need to be reminded of that, especially me.
It got me thinking about the direction of our country though.
We are losing our traditional values.
We are losing our moral compass.
We are losing our faith in and reliance on God.
And it breaks my heart.
No wonder our country has become spoiled, lazy, entitled, promiscuous, critical, angry, self-absorbed, cut-throat, and confused...just to name a few.
Humans are not meant to live without a relationship with God.
We are not meant to make things up as we go along.
We have a purpose.
We've been given a guide.
And very few are using it and living it.
And it is a tragedy.
And a crisis.
And I hate, truly hate, that everyone doesn't know the freedom and satisfaction and love that comes from following our Creator.
So I find myself turning from angry and disappointed over an election (how trivial) to thankful for Christ and humbled by His decision to give up His life for me.  
Just the fact that I was chosen to know Him and worship Him is incredible.  
There are so many people that don't know His love.  
How blessed am I to have a personal relationship with him that anchors my life and directs my path?
So although I know the next 4 years will have their ups and downs, I also know that God will provide.
I can wake up every day with that peace.
What an amazing gift.
Since this is the month to be thankful...I have to say...I know exactly what I'm the most thankful for.

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