Friday, November 30, 2012

Bragging rights

We are 5 hours away from December.
Is anyone else in complete shock?
So you must own a calendar huh?
You must have a job that reminds you of the date?
Well.........that makes sense.
I, however, have allowed December to sneak up on me.
25 days, y'all.
So many movies to watch, sweets to bake, gifts to buy, parties to attend (I wish), & glasses of wine to drink!
I hope everyone has lots of fun plans for the Christmas season :)
I'll try to share some of my best Christmasy moments over the next few weeks.

BUT FIRST - I just have to share a mini victory in my life.
While I was home for Thanksgiving I went to the Gap clearance store.
It's always been a sweet little hidden gem near my parents' house but now that Piperlime is a part of the Gap/Banana/Old Navy family...this place is like heaven.
If you're willing to dig and pick through racks and piles (my favorite hobby but not for the faint of heart), you can really find some steals.

For instance I bought:

These 3 sweaters from Gap (that are currently in stores) all for $9.99 each.

This sweater from Banana for $12.99 and Joes jeans for $29:

Selfie shot. Haven't done one of these in a while!
(excuse the bra in the background - that "decorative" ladder becomes my drying rack)

And this vest from Banana (also currently in stores) for $29:

Come. On.
It was a religious experience you guys.
Which is why I had to brag!
I knew you fashionistas would appreciate it ;)

So, did yall do any Black Friday shopping or outlet shopping the last few weeks?
Get any to-die-for deals?
You know I want to hear about it.

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