Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Getting Weird On Wednesday

Told ya I'd be back.
It's officially Weirdo Wednesday so get ready for your glimpse into my Facebook world.

KF, thank you for this gem.  Seriously hysterical.  Especially for food addicts like me.

I think I'd be a little hesitant to make this my status.
I don't think I'd want people to know how excited I was about my cat and hamster meeting.
At 20, shouldn't this say "Today is the day my vodka meets my orange juice....what type of shenanigans will ensue?" 

Yikes. Well, good luck with that!?

Most of the time this girl's statuses make me really really concerned with the people she must know.
I mean, never once in my life have I been so bombarded by a girl's naked sluttiness that I need to let out my anger through my social networking sites........Hmmm.

You might be a computer geek if.......
you wish Google a Happy Birthday through Facebook......

This is why I'm hesitant to delete any friends.
They give me wayyyy too much material!
Have a good hump day fransss.

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